3 Ways Digital Marketing Helps Grocery Buying

ways digital marketing helps

Grocery buyers are not passive shoppers – in other words, the grocery buyers out there always think about their purchases before they buy them. So what affects their choices when it comes to grocery shopping and what are the ways digital marketing helps grocery buying?

Every year Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands invest millions in their websites to ensure that their brands increases in popularity, becomes more established, and ultimately increases revenue. To tap into the grocery buyer’s psyche, CPG brands make an effort to boost their advertising in digital media and overall, it has been found that there are ways digital marketing helps grocery buying and can directly impact sales offline.

In fact, a recent ComScore study showed that users of CPG brand websites buy 37% more products in stores than those who don’t use the websites. As times change, people are becoming more and more like to surf the web at different times of day and for different lengths of time. During these internet sessions, they can be reached by brand marketers so easily that it is no wonder visitor figures are having an effect on sales.

ComScore’s study results also showed that visitors to a brand’s website are also more likely to spend more money on the products and are 41% more like to complete a purchase than someone who hasn’t visited the site prior to going to the shop.


ways digital marketing helps

3 Ways Digital Marketing Helps Grocery Buying

  1. Well Developed Online Presence – when engaging grocery buyers, digital media clearly plays a big role reaching out to new customers. Site visitors are more likely to feel a connection to a brand if they visited their site before doing grocery shopping. This is why its crucial to have a well established online presence so that grocery buyers can lead to more sales and a better relationship with customers. The longer the customer spends on a site, the more likely they are to buy the product too, which is another aspect to take into account when reaching out to new audiences.
  2. Personal Approach – by taking more personal approach to our ad campaigns, you can talk to your customers and make them feel valued. Rather than just talking to the masses, brands that have started using social media networking pages to advertise their products are able to communicate directly with individuals. This means that specific consumers can have a personalized link with both a product and brand
  3. Recipe Sites –  Often advertisers will find that brand websites and their products are promoted through advertising campaigns as well as recipes. Recipe sites which use your product as one of their ingredients is a great way to promote its uses, and your store to purchase the items.


Now that you know 3 ways digital marketing helps Grocery buying, understand that engaging buyers through digital marketing is about reaching out to them whenever you can. Companies like Gourmet Ads uses digital media advertisement to ensure that you can create a genuinely effective ad campaign which can target your ideal demographic and make them want to buy your brand when they are in store.

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