Health and Wellness Industry in Germany

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  Health and Wellness industry in Germany

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Testimony On International Business – Peter Groverman, Grovara.

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Global Overview: The statement “America Doesn’t Make Anything Anymore” is a lie. China just passed America in net-output manufacturing in 2011 – a fact that media and policy makers often overlook. Accounting for 19.8% of world manufacturing output, China slid a fraction ahead of the United States’ 19.4%. China’s manufacturing base is much more dependent on cheaper-less-technical [...]

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Fruit Snacks Buoyed by Health and Wellness Trend

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Analyst Insight By Ewa Hudson, Global Head of Health and Wellness Research Euromonitor International’s latest packaged food data shows that fruit snacks are among the best-performing categories in sweet and savoury snacks. By the end of 2012, on a global level, fruit snacks are projected to have made value gains of just over 5%, compared to chips/crisps’ [...]

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China has emerged as a major global consumer of luxury goods!

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Congrats to Grovara Advisor – Stephen Goodman – MVP Philadelphia Business Journal Recipient

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The Philadelphia Business Journal revealed the top three vote getters from its list of the region’s 30 MVPs for the past three decades at the PBJ’s recent 30th anniversary celebration. The trio who received the most votes in an online Business Journal poll wereRosemarie Greco, the region’s first female bank chief; former Mayor and Governor Ed [...]

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China’s growing middle class – hungry for US products!

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China - Middle Class

    The middle class in China has topped more than 300 million people. And they are a growing factor in the world’s economy. NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — CNNMoney interviewed Helen Wang, author of The Chinese Dream: The Rise of the World’s Largest Middle Class and What It Means to You. A consultant, Wang was [...]

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Grovara Sets Out to Create International Trade Treaty – 2017

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United Nations Headquarters

21steps to just BEGIN the registration for an insecticide product in Saudi Arabia. It’s no wonder 99% of US Manufacturers do NOT export. What a barrier to enhancing trade relations. But what if these barriers were decreased or dropped? International Treaties and Free Trade Agreements are great for decreasing tariffs but more must be done [...]

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Grovara’s Global Healthy School Snacks Initiative

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Second to recess, Lunch is the best part of school. Everyone remembers his or her experiences growing up in the cafeteria.   Pizza Wednesday, French Fry Tuesdays, and at least twice a week some poor soul digging through the trash trying to find their retainer.   Times have changed unfortunately – global childhood obesity and [...]

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Grovara featured on top Philadelphia Entrepreneur Blog

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   Grovara wants to thank Joe Petrucci and the entire Flying Kite team for the great entrepreneur article on their blog. Please click on the link:            

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Australia – Learning About the Hook Turn – Grovara

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Learning about the hook turn in the rain [jwplayer mediaid="1599"]

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