Gluten Free Products Booming in Europe

gluten free products

Gluten Free Products Booming in Europe Gluten free products have increasingly become the more preferred option amongst consumers in Europe and consequently, the market is booming. RELATED: 4 HEALTH BENEFITS OF GLUTEN FREE BREAD The food intolerance industry grew by 11% in value terms in Western Europe. As consumers are increasingly diagnosed with lactose- and … [Read more…]

Organic Grocery Shopping online, the Future?

organic grocery shopping online

Efficient, less expensive and convenient—when it comes to shopping online, both consumers and online natural businesses have the same set of values. With these factors in play, it’s worth asking, is the future of organic grocery shopping,online? According to an ongoing shopper behavior study published in The Checkout, 21 percent of shoppers say they shopped … [Read more…]

Healthy Foods Global Performance in 2015

Healthy Food Performance in 2015

With the continued growth of healthy food trends in the global market, we take a look at healthy foods Global performance in 2015. Is organic still selling? Does the “natural” trend mean that fortified/functional food is now totally passé? Which gluten-free categories are enjoying the most buoyant growth? Why are consumers turning their noses up … [Read more…]

6 tips for finding the right broker

finding the right broker

The market is filled with a wide spectrum of natural products brokers, from small to medium to large. Most cover food, non-food, supplements and body care, but some specialize in one or more of these areas. The key is to find the broker with the best fit for your organization but finding the right broker … [Read more…]

5 distributor promotion programs to know

There are many different names for distributors’ promotional programs, but the concepts are all similar. Natural products consultant Bob Burke identifies the six basic programs for natural and specialty distributors and explains how they work. Assess your finances and sales to determine which program best suits your needs. – Bob Burke Natural and specialty distributors have … [Read more…]

4 Steps to find Wholesale Suppliers

  Looking to form relationships with wholesale suppliers? Searching for suppliers with the best offers for small businesses? Here are some steps for finding wholesale suppliers perfect for small business and best practices for entering into agreements with them.  Step 1: Understanding the wholesale business   The size of the wholesale industry makes it harder for … [Read more…]

Health and Wellness RTD Tea: World Growth Prospects

Grovara GlobeAsian markets will be the main drivers of global sales of HW RTD tea over the forecast period, with local brands more popular than multinational brands. Vietnam’s explosive expansion in NH RTD tea will make it a very attractive market in the next few years. The Coca-Cola Co has lost share globally in HW RTD tea amid its minor position in the US’s NH category. The cola carbonates giant should look to make good progress in NH RTD tea to avoid missing opportunity