For Distributors

          Compete with quality products


Works with distributors from across the globe to bring them premium
American manufactured products to complement and grow their current inventory lines.

We are creating a network…

Of innovative sales representatives, distributors, and manufacturers to reinvent the US export market


only 1 percent of U.S. companies export. Of that 1 percent, 58 percent export to
only one country. U.S. companies (particularly small and midsize enterprises), often
face high hurdles when trying to close an export sale. Confronting a lack of basic
information or guidance about the export process, these domestic entrepreneurs
fear foreign competition and conduct business strictly within our borders.


the middle class is expanding around the globe – with more than 1 billion new
consumers expected over the next 15 years. More than 80 percent of this growth
in consumption is predicted to be outside North America and Europe.

    Grovara distributes US Manufactured products Globally.

Creating a sales network with hundreds of of USA manufactured products – Grovara is actively seeking exclusive distribution territory partners.