Grovara is the most efficient way for you to Go Global.

Take your brand Global in 120 days.

61-90 Days

Joining The Grovara Marketplace

It’s showtime, baby! You’re now ready to join Grovara’s growing portfolio of carefully curated wellness brands. It’s time to put your products in the limelight and get discovered by over 5,000 global buyers.

91-120 Days

Facilitating Your First Order

Congratulations! Leads are flocking in. You’ve been successfully matched to several buyers. Orders have been placed and products are ready to be shipped. No time to waste!

120+ Days

But wait, there’s more.

This isn’t where the journey ends. We’re just getting started.

Grovara’s mission has always been to nurture and deepen the relationships we’ve established with the brands we represent so proudly.

Our goal is to keep you export-ready – ensuring your product registrations stay current and comply with ever-changing, country-specific requirements.

Over time, our consulting and marketing divisions will help you identify future trends, strengthen your global brand building and marketing efforts, and unlock even more sales in markets you never knew presented vital growth opportunities.

Onwards and upwards.