How to Find an Overseas Distributor For Your Wellness Products

It is the perfect storm that exporters face when learning how to find an overseas distributor for their wellness products. Significant disruptions in the supply chain make it difficult for many exporters to promptly send their organic food and beverage products to international markets. Food shortages have started to develop in less wealthy countries and […]

How Can I Export Natural/Organic Food & Beverage Products to Mexico?

Since 1992, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has lifted the burdensome tariffs and other trade barriers that made it difficult for American companies to export their products to our neighbors to the south, Mexico. A much more open business relationship established between Mexico and the United States has opened the door for increased […]

Exporting Organic Products From The USA

Interested in exporting your organic products from the USA? Grovara introduces a new way for organic food and beverage exporters to reach more international markets without going through a broker. Our eCommerce platform brings together the sellers and buyers of better-for-you food and beverage products at one convenient location. The Grovara way also helps exporters […]

Exporting Organic/Natural Foods From USA

Exporting organic, natural foods from the USA requires considerable planning and preparation. First, you have to ensure the food and beverage products you decide to export overseas fulfill the strict standards for defining organic foods as established by the United States federal government. Then, you have to address logistical issues such as customs, tariffs, and […]

Video: Grovara Wins PACT Enterprise Award As Top Emerging Technology Company In Greater Philadelphia

Grovara won the Technology Emerging category on Tuesday at the Greater Philadelphia Alliance for Capital & Technology (PACT) Enterprise Awards at the Springfield Country Club. The award validates Grovara’s growth as the first global wholesale online platform and marketplace. The Enterprise Awards ranks as the most prestigious business honors for technology and life sciences companies, […]

Does the E.U. Charge Tariffs on Imported U.S. Products?

Tariffs represent one of the most volatile factors that determine international trade relationships. For example, the U.S. and the E.U. have gone back and forth over the past decade applying high tariffs in retaliation for unfavorable international trade rules to removing tariffs to encourage more import-export sales. As the largest trading partner with the United […]

How to Sell Food & Beverage Products Overseas

Grovara has changed the import-export game for the better. Much better. We are not your traditional importer and exporter. Instead of attracting customers the old-fashioned way by meeting in person to test products and negotiate the terms of a transaction, we bring buyers and sellers of organic food and beverage products together under one convenient […]

Import USDA Label Organic Food

As a buyer of Better-For-You food products from American brands, you want assurance that the organic foods you import have the prestigious United State Department of Agriculture (USDA) certification and label. The USDA conducts annual reviews of its certification process for organic foods to ensure its standards are the most stringent for certifying organic food […]