Grovara Seeks 5 Pennsylvania Organic and Natural Brands to Join New B2B Global Marketplace

Pennsylvania has been a manufacturing powerhouse ever since William Penn helped establish the first mills in and around Philadelphia. Then came oil, textiles, iron, coal, steer, lumber, and machines.  These days, food and beverage make up the majority of PA manufacturing’s second-biggest sector. Pennsylvania farmers increased sales of organic yields by 12% from 2019 to […]

Q&A: New Executive Chairman David Pottruck Back In the Game With Grovara

A few months ago, David Pottruck decided he had enough. At 70 years old, the former CEO of Charles Schwab and New York Times best-selling author was listening to the universe, and the time felt right to spend time on other things. He stopped his investment activity, shut down his San Francisco office, let his […]

Grovara’s B2B E-Commerce Marketplace Comes Alive, Processing Orders

(10/01/20 Press Release) Its launch delayed because of Expo West trade show cancelation, Philadelphia exporter’s proprietary and data-driven technology B2B Global Marketplace now empowers brands to export with little barrier to entry PHILADELPHIA  – Grovara began processing transactions on its global B2B e-commerce marketplace for American wellness products this week, reducing exporting ramp-up time from […]

Grovara Slashes Activation Fees to Make It Easier for American Wellness Brands to Export, Mitigating Fallout from Expo West 2020

(Grovara Press Release) PHILADELPHIA (March 12) — As governments, industries and citizens alike scramble to stay ahead of the global pandemic posed by the Coronavirus, it is increasingly apparent that now is the time for companies and industry leaders to re-think how we do business. That’s why Grovara is announcing a major initiative to support the […]

Grovara Supports 60 Minutes Piece on PPE, Brings Transparency to Supply Chain

Last week, award-winning veteran reporter Lesley Stahl asked many of the questions we’ve all been wondering about PPE on 60 Minutes, uncovering the rampant fraud, shady dealings, and inherent challenges in the global supply chain since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Stahl enlisted Grovara as a source for the story, which aired on the […]

B2B Marketplaces Never Close Because of Viral Pandemics

“You only find out who’s swimming naked when the tide goes out.” -Warren Buffett   This is a favorite of the financial legend, uttered, for example, when the nation’s top financial institutions were exposed by plummeting home prices more than a decade ago. I couldn’t help but think of Buffet’s nugget of wisdom — that […]