Global Health & Wellness Food Distributors


Selling organic food products in the US requires researching where the most lucrative markets exist. Your company ships the products demanded by consumers via the nation’s rail, truck, and commercial airline transportation systems to distributors around the country. In fewer than five hours, you can send your brand’s better-for-you products to nearly every city in the continental USA. The same ease of selling natural food and beverage products cannot be said for finding global health and wellness food distributors.

Finding the right partners to distribute your US wellness products requires significant time and money. First, your company spends considerable time interacting with several different overseas brokers to make contact with distributors operating in markets such as the ones located in cities such as Cairo, Warsaw, and Buenos Aires. Second, penetrating international markets often requires flying thousands of miles to attend international trade shows to get your brand’s name out among the most influential health food and beverage product distributors.

What if there is a better way to sell your popular organic food products to consumers living in overseas markets?

Meet Global Wellness Distributors on a Digital Platform

Founded in 2010, Grovara has dramatically changed how the most recognized healthy food and beverage brands in the USA conduct business with overseas distributors. Instead of interacting with several different brokers and attending international trade shows held thousands of miles from home, you and your brand’s international trade professionals log on to an eCommerce platform that acts as a virtual trade show. You can initiate the transaction process for your better-for-you products with overseas distributors you have never met in as few as four keystrokes.

All it takes to grow your sales globally is to register your US brand to join the eCommerce platform. In no more than 30 days, you and your export specialists acquire the knowledge and digital tools required to start conversations with multiple brands simultaneously from one convenient eCommerce platform. The days of waiting for international distributors’ text, phone, and email responses have vanished. Completing the free Grovara onboarding process ensures you interact with international distributors in real-time to introduce your organic food products to overseas consumers.

Here is just a small sample of the US brands that have joined the Grovara eCommerce platform:

Why is the Grovara Way the New Global Trade Model?

The Grovara eCommerce platform dramatically shortens the time it takes to reach new markets unfamiliar to your brand, yet lucrative enough to target for growing sales. Imagine starting a conversation with an international distributor of better-for-you products and on the same business day, process an order, complete a sales transaction, and organize a fulfillment request. Not only does Grovara act as a matchmaker between US brands and global distributors, but our company also provides export partners with the information they need to establish the most profitable business relationships.

Our one-stop, self-service eCommerce platform provides end-to-end logistical support to help your company comply with the customs requirements imposed by every country where you want to sell your organic food products. While we handle demographic research and obtain data that provides insight into government regulations, your US brand frees up more time to develop effective marketing strategies to connect with consumers in various overseas markets. Some logistical needs that Grovara addresses include securing the use of climate-controlled storage containers and gaining access to difficult-to-enter international ports.

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