Grovara’s B2B E-Commerce Marketplace Comes Alive, Processing Orders

(10/01/20 Press Release)

Its launch delayed because of Expo West trade show cancelation, Philadelphia exporter’s proprietary and data-driven technology B2B Global Marketplace now empowers brands to export with little barrier to entry

PHILADELPHIA  – Grovara began processing transactions on its global B2B e-commerce marketplace for American wellness products this week, reducing exporting ramp-up time from a few months to a few minutes and streamlining product discovery, order processing, fulfillment, and payment processing — all in one platform.

An initial five brands have been placed on the marketplace and are available for purchase via the platform that brings the best features of B2C marketplaces to the B2B world.

“Our platform empowers brands to export, connecting brands and retailers with complete transparency”, says Grovara President/Co-Founder Abu Kamara. “We seamlessly weaved together and developed all the different complexities and functions of the export process in the backend, while topping it off with a user-friendly marketplace in the front end, a platform flow that is familiar to almost everyone”.

The result is the only B2B Global Marketplace of its kind — a curated catalog of organic, natural and better-for-you snacks, beverages and beauty products connected to 5,000 vetted global buyers in 45 countries — and a new way of doing global trade in the wellness space. Plus, Grovara recently slashed the activation fees paid by brands to join the marketplace by 80% to $5,000, payable only after the first order is placed, in response to the Coronavirus impact on American food and beverage manufacturers.

Additional brands are being added to the marketplace every day, with brands and buyers expected to start using the Grovara platform themselves later in the spring.

“We took into consideration all the components of supply chain and fulfillment needed for exports, where every document for shipment and customer clearance follows the order,” says Director Operations and Supply Chain Juliana Rogenski.

“The goal is for brands and buyers to have everything they need and not think much about processes and documentations. The marketplace allows us to be proactive and make a complex process much easier for our users.”

The global wellness market is exploding, growing 12.1% to over $4.1 trillion in 2018 according to the Global Wellness Institute, with Healthy Eating, Nutrition and Weight Loss accounting for more than $700 billion, and growing. American-made natural food and beverage products are the most in-demand, with $47.2 billion in sales expected this year, with growth outpacing all food and beverage products sold in the U.S. by nearly 300%, according to the most recent State of the Natural Industry report by Grovara partner SPINS, North America’s leading provider of wellness industry insights, which are embedded in the Grovara marketplace to provide powerful data and transparency.

While B2C e-commerce has been broadly adopted, B2B global online sales have outpaced B2C by nearly 400%. The next generation of international buyers has come to expect the innovation and security that has come with B2C, where exporting has long been dominated by the same old players and rife with fraud and risk.

Grovara is not like a traditional export broker or distributor. Rather, it is a platform built by nearly a decade of entrepreneurial moxie and mission-driven hustle that can take brands global in 90 days. Kamara and Grovara co-founder Peter Groverman learned exporting on the ground all over the globe, witnessing firsthand the challenges brands and buyers face, and continued to press ahead despite the many obstacles – from technology to fraud-fighting – in the name of bringing healthier and better-tasting food and beverage to new markets across the globe and repatriating American dollars abroad.

Grovara’s trusted relationships with global buyers mean a perfect fit for American brands’ exported products, ensuring prime placements in the markets and on shelves best-suited for them. Other partnerships, like with IX-ONE, whose comprehensive data tool captures and tracks vital product information, streamlines and automates processes and other exporting-associated worfklows that can be overwhelming for even the fastest-growing American wellness brands.

ABOUT GROVARA: is a B2B Global Marketplace for US Wellness Brands, connecting natural and organic brands with international retailers. The platform is powered by SPINS consumer and retail Insights-driven data to accelerate growth for both brands and retailers. More on Grovara’s market-leading process and partners can be found at