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How to Turnover Current Accounts

Brands can manage their current international business through the Grovara marketplace by referring their international customers. Grovara honors all payment terms, pricing and any other terms that the brand has previously negotiated with the international buyer and waives all transaction fees.


To turnover current international business to Grovara, follow the steps below.

1. Provide Partner Information #

Email Grovara the following information:

      • Company Name of Retailer or Buyer
      • Full address (including country) of buyer
      • First and last name of the main contact/buyer at the company
      • Contact information for this main contact (email address and phone number)
      • Negotiated pricing for the items the buyer purchases, payment terms and any other terms of the relationship

2. Send Registration Link #

Provide the buyer registration link to the brand so they can be set up as a registered brand with Grovara.

3. Partner Onboarding #

Once the Buyer has registered via the link, a Grovara Sales Rep will contact them directly to begin their onboarding process.

4. Price Customization #

The Grovara team will set the buyer’s custom pricing to the pricing previously negotiated with the brand, which will allow the buyer to see their customized pricing for the brand’s products whenever they login to the Grovara marketplace.