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How to Place an Order

In order to streamline and optimize the wholesale purchase process, Grovara has created a unique digital purchasing experience that mirrors consumer online purchasing. After selecting a Brand for purchase, the Pallet Builder is used to build a custom layer-by-layer mix of products which is then added to cart for checkout, just as a user would when making personal online purchases.


In order to purchase international products on the Grovara Marketplace, follow the steps below.

1. View Ordering Options #

On a Product Page, click to down arrows to view ordering options

2. Add to Cart #

To order a product by pallet, click “Add to Cart” in the “Order by Pallet” section; this adds a full pallet of a single product to the shopping cart. To build a mixed pallet or multiple SKUs from a single Brand, click “Add to Cart” in the “Order by Layer” section

3. Add Additional Products to Cart #

Navigate to other products from the same Brand to add additional products by layer or pallet to the cart

4. Order Full Pallets #

Navigate to the cart and click “Checkout All Pallets” to proceed with placing an order of full pallets

5. Build a Custom Pallet #

To build a custom pallet, click the minus or plus symbols to add layers until the Pallet Builder shows the pallet is complete

6. Checkout All Pallets #

When all pallets are complete click “Checkout All Pallets” to proceed with placing the order

7. Complete Order #

In the checkout screen, enter all relevant Buyer information, then click “Complete Order” to submit the order request

8. View Order to Manage Fulfillment #

Though order placement is complete, steps must be taken to complete fulfillment

Click “View Order” to manage order fulfillment




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