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Optimizing Brand and Product Searchability

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Brands can take advantage of unique Grovara features to optimize their searchability on the Grovara Marketplace


International Buyers are able to search the Grovara Marketplace by names, categories, flavors, etc. for Brands and products they are interested in evaluating.

Setting Up AKAs #

Brands can optimize Buyers’ ability to discover their Brand by providing the Grovara team with up to five “AKAs” (alternative names) for their Brand. For example, a Brand with a lemon flavored sparkling water could provide Grovara with AKAs of citrus, carbonated, soda water, beverage, drink, etc.

If an international customer were to search any of these keywords, this Brand’s product would appear as a search result because these keywords have been tagged as an AKA for this item.

NOTE: This product would also appear in the results if a Buyer searched by the Brand’s name.

Other useful Brand and product AKAs include alternative names for the Brand or company or the name of a parent company for Brands that are owned by larger organizations. For example, Frito Lay could be an AKA for Lay’s, Fritos, Cheetos and vice versa.




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