How Can I Export Natural/Organic Food & Beverage Products To The UK?

With demand for natural, organic food and beverage products rapidly increasing in the United Kingdom, how does your Better-for-You food brand reach British consumers? You can go the old-school route by working with a broker who matches your company with distributors and retailers in different UK markets. On the other hand, you can join a popular eCommerce platform that provides natural food and beverage brands with a convenient one-stop location to start conversations with the British distributors of healthy food and beverage products.

Founded in 2010, Philadelphia-based Grovara has revolutionized the way American organic food and beverage brands connect with overseas importers. Instead of traveling to dozens of trade shows in the UK, you complete a short onboarding process before you meet British retailers and distributors in a virtual trade show environment. Grovara makes it much easier to complete international transactions, and we screen every UK retailer and distributor to ensure they comply with UK import laws and regulations.

Registering your brand with Grovara will dramatically change how your company exports organic food products.

How to Sell Natural Food and Beverage Products in the United Kingdom

In 2019, American companies exported almost $70 billion worth of products to the UK. In just 12 months, American exports increased in value by more than four percent. The value of British exports comprised nearly five percent of the total value of exports shipped from the United States.

Most exporters sell organic food and beverage products to distributors with a deep understanding of how to reach the right target market in cities such as London, Liverpool, and Manchester. British distributors know which markets have the most significant demand and which lag behind the international trend of buying American-certified organic food and beverage products.

Grovara helps American Better-for-You food and beverage brands reach the right distributors by vetting companies that apply to join our eCommerce platform. We do most of the work required to reach the right distributors, allow your healthy food and beverage brand to expand your product, and meet more potential retailers and distributors through our proprietary eCommerce platform.

Benefits of Joining the Grovara eCommerce Platform

In fewer than 30 days, your organic food brand will be ready to start conversations with UK retailers and distributors that operate throughout the country. The simple onboarding process, which costs your brand nothing but a bit of time, teaches you how to complete a transaction in as few as four clicks on a keyboard. Grovara simplifies the export documentation process to help your brand reach the right target audience without spending considerable time dealing with a broker. After you start a conversation with a potential UK retailer or distributor, you process orders, complete transactions, and ensure fulfillment accuracy from one digital platform.

Grovara also provides your brand with a comprehensive variety of tools to help you manage international sales. You can expect to be always export-ready, as Grovara keeps your product registration paperwork current and ensures your brand complies with rapidly changing customs and tariff laws enacted in the UK. Data supplied by SPINS keep your company on top of the health and wellness trends that British consumers have adopted.

Here are some of the brands Grovara has recruited to join our cutting-edge eCommerce platform:

  • Ancient Harvest
  • Arrowhead Mills
  • Food Group International
  • LesserEvil
  • Live Kaizen LLC
  • Raw Life Organics LLC
  • Revol Snax
  • Uplift Food Inc.

If your brand is ready to grow sales in the UK, submit the short form or call Grovara at 215-207-0967 to learn how you can export your natural, organic food and beverage products.