How To Import non-GMO Corn and Other U.S. Grain

Bans on the controversial glyphosate herbicide and GMO corn imports have introduced opportunities for U.S. farmers to supply non-GMO corn and other U.S. grain products. Find out how to import these products to your country from the import-export experts at Grovara.

Grovara, headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, was founded in 2010 to provide American organic product manufacturers and international wholesale buyers and distributors with a way to connect directly through an easy-to-use B2B e-commerce marketplace platform.

We are not a traditional export broker or distributor. Instead, the platform we developed streamlines importing and exporting from product discovery and order processing to payments and fulfillment, all in one place.

How Grovara Can Help

Register as a buyer today and browse the Grovara Marketplace to explore hundreds of category-leading American-made natural and organic brands with category and product-level insights. Our goal is to get you started quickly. We provide a full suite of tools that will help you manage your global B2B commerce.

Connect directly with the brands that interest you to start conversations, request samples, and place orders. Take advantage of Grovara’s proprietary Pallet Builder that enables easy checkout of a custom (multi-SKU, multi-layer) pallet while helping to eliminate ordering errors and time-consuming back-and-forth communications. Our end-to-end logistics and fulfillment platform offers step-by-step instructions at every stage of your order.

At Grovara, we continuously study international trends, brand viability, and global opportunities. We partner with SPINS, the leading U.S. consumer insights and analytics provider for the natural and organic products industry. We help international buyers identify growth trends and quickly assess the potential of your brand and products for their markets.

Trusted End-To-End Global Fulfillment Partners

Grovara has also partnered with various logistics partners to fulfill imports for international buyers if they want us to. Our step-by-step fulfillment process brings visibility and transparency to the import/export supply chain.

The USDA Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS), for example, links U.S. agriculture to the world to enhance export opportunities and global food security. The agency works with us to discover and vet international buyers for the security of our platform.

The U.S. Commercial Service has professionals in over 100 U.S. cities and 75 countries to help U.S. companies get started in exporting or increase sales in new global markets. Grovara works with them to conduct market research for international buyers, navigate country laws and regulations, and oversee conflict resolutions.

Next Steps

Grovara’s goal is to remove the complexities and the challenges of finding the right buyers and providing our customers with complete solutions that are right for their unique businesses. Do you want to learn more about how to import non-GMO corn and other U.S. grain? Visit the Grovara website for answers to your questions. Schedule a demo using our online form, or call us at (215) 207-0967.