How to Sell Food & Beverage Products Overseas

Grovara has changed the import-export game for the better.

Much better.

We are not your traditional importer and exporter. Instead of attracting customers the old-fashioned way by meeting in person to test products and negotiate the terms of a transaction, we bring buyers and sellers of organic food and beverage products together under one convenient eCommerce platform.

We know how difficult it can be to sell food and beverage products overseas, especially Better-For-You food and beverage products that remain sold to niche markets. The old-school way to buy and sell natural food products involves working with a broker who takes orders from international customers. At Grovara, selling healthy food and beverage products overseas involves meeting with potential buyers through our popular eCommerce platform.

Our revolutionary model for selling and buying organic food and beverage products has attracted some of the most recognized brands in the industry.

What Should I Consider Before Selling Overseas?

Maybe you have saturated the domestic market, or you want to expand your brand to international buyers. Selling organic food and beverage products follows some of the same business principles applied to other American products.

Know the Competition

Grovara does much more than bring organic food product buyers and sellers together under one convenient eCommerce platform. We also help our customers conduct thorough research into the competition in different global marketplaces. You want to verify that a potential market generates the level of demand that delivers a healthy return on your investment.

Prepare for Logistics

Once again, the import-export experts at Grovara are there for you when the time comes to learn about the logistical issues you might face while transporting organic food and beverage products to overseas markets. This is particularly true now, as the supply chain crisis disrupts international commerce, especially between the United States and Southeast Asian markets. Grovara also explains each overseas market’s different customs, tariffs, and regulations.

Cultural Differences

Conducting business overseas requires a respectful understanding of different cultures. For example, the etiquette for negotiating a deal in France differs from the etiquette followed for discussing a transaction in Japan. You must understand the values that international customers celebrate before promoting your organic food products overseas.

Learn More About Grovara

Founded in 2010, Philadelphia-based Grovara has changed the way importers and exporters conduct business. Instead of attending several live trade shows held throughout the year, you sign up to access the Grovara eCommerce platform. Our virtual trade show allows you to complete every step of the transaction process by clicking a few keys on a keyboard.

After getting up to speed using our eCommerce platform, you immediately start to connect with the international buyers of Better-For-You food and beverage products. You can discover new products to sell, process orders in real-time, confirm the details of transactions, and ensure the accuracy of fulfillment requests. Learning about the Grovara eCommerce platform requires no more than 30 days of onboarding, for which you do not have to pay an enrollment fee.

Grovara outperformed our competitors during the COVID-19 pandemic, which should give you insight into the strength of our eCommerce platform. We increased online global sales by 75 percent in 2021, with our valuable Latin American market accounting for nearly 50 percent of the growth in overseas sales.

How can you sell your natural food and beverage products overseas? Discover the Grovara way today by submitting the short online form or calling 215-207-0967.