How to Sell Overseas

Does your export company need to find more lucrative markets overseas, but you do not have the resources to market your healthy products to retailers and distributors operating in Asian, African, European, and South American markets? Grovara has revolutionized how the sellers of organic food products discover new markets and the customers that make them worth an investment.

Grovara is not a traditional export broker that acts as an intermediary between the sellers and buyers of natural food and beverage products. Instead, we have developed a unique eCommerce platform that streamlines the export and import process, from discovering new products to ensuring accurate deliveries of better-for-food products. Instead of meeting several individual buyers in person, you interact with them in one convenient location by using the most advanced digital technology.

The Grovara way has attracted hundreds of sellers of organic food and beverage products, including the most recognizable names in the organic food and beverage industry.

It Starts with a Plan

Before your company onboards to join the Grovara eCommerce platform, you should devise a strategy to reach the right target markets overseas. The first step involves discovering the demographics of your international customers. Then, you determine what your target audience wants in health food and beverage products. The buying trends of customers living in a country such as Denmark will be different from the buying trends of American customers. Grovara offers you company analytic tools to conduct comprehensive market research.

Another advantage of the Grovara way is that we do all the legwork when researching the regulations that define international trade. So, for example, instead of your company studying the government regulations for international trade in countries like Japan and Qatar, the import-export experts at Grovara conduct the research for your brand. As a result, you can receive a thorough report describing taxes, duties, customers, and any free-trade agreements.

Make Your Better-for-You Food Brand Stand Out Overseas

Suppose you have established a strong presence in the United States. In that case, you should be able to expand your operations to overseas markets if you utilize the export tools provided by Grovara. Our easy-to-use eCommerce platform allows you to log in anytime and anywhere you access a fast Internet connection. Grovara has developed an eCommerce platform that takes care of every step required to sell organic food and beverage products in global markets. Our eCommerce platform processes orders and ensures every payment is registered under your account.

The team of import-export specialists at Grovara provides analytic services that allow you to uncover the best opportunities for selling your healthy food products overseas before your competitors discover the same opportunities. We like to refer to our proprietary eCommerce platform as a virtual trade show. But, unlike a live trade show, you do not have to spend time meeting prospective buyers by visiting dozens of booths. Instead, you log in to the Grovara eCommerce platform and review the matches that best fit your selling criteria.

Learn More About the Grovara Way

Onboarding with Grovara takes little time, and it does not cost your organic food brand any money. You learn how to use every one of the tools our team of international trade experts has developed to help your company discover new markets that increase revenue. Learn more about our partners by visiting the Grovara website. Then, when you are ready to discuss the opportunities that await you at Grovara, call us at 215-207-0967 or submit the online contact form.