How to Sell to Food Distributors

You have established a brand that generates robust sales in the United States for your organic food products. The time has come to expand your operations overseas to tap into lucrative international markets. However, navigating through seemingly endless piles of paperwork is a daunting task. How do you sell to food distributors that operate globally without pulling your hair out in frustration?

The answer is to partner with Grovara.

Since 2010, Grovara, headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has led the import-export industry to match the sellers of organic food products with international buyers who want to take advantage of untapped markets. We offer an innovative eCommerce platform that connects buyers and sellers in one convenient location. Instead of attending trade shows and visiting with individual distributors, accessing the Grovara eCommerce platform allows your better-for-you brand to complete the entire sales process from our highly-rated digital platform.

Grovara is not a traditional broker or distributor. Instead, we help our customers complete international sales transactions faster to increase revenue that otherwise a company would not generate. When it concerns navigating through the seemingly endless piles of documents, we help our clients learn about the customs, tariffs, and regulations required to be fulfilled before selling natural food and beverage products overseas.

In fewer than 12 years. Grovara has developed an impressive list of healthy food and beverage brands.

  • Blake‚Äôs Seed Based
  • Brad’s Plant-Based
  • Chickapea
  • Good Fish
  • Hella Cocktail
  • Milkadamia
  • NuttZo
  • Saucy Lips
  • Tosi
  • Waterloo

How to Sell Your Organic Food Products to Distributors

Selling organic food products has become a highly competitive business, as many residents of international markets understand the health benefits of consuming natural foods. This means it has become highly competitive when trying to sell to food distributors.

Grovara takes the guessing game out of finding a natural foods distributor. We conduct the market research required to discover the ideal target market, where potential customers live, and how often they shop for organic food and beverage products. In addition, you can expect to receive consumer trend reports and information that discusses industry consolidation and the regulatory changes that reshape the business environment.

You will discover whether your organic food products are the right fit for different overseas markets and ensure every distributor on your shortlist complies with the strict food safety standards established by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Get Started Today

What if we told you that it takes our customers no more than 30 days to get up to speed using our industry-leading eCommerce platform. After completing the free onboarding process, you can expect to find new organic food products to sell. Our eCommerce platform processes orders, confirms transactions, and ensures the accurate fulfillment of each order. In addition, we streamline the product registration process and provide your better-for-you brand with a customized digital sell sheet.

International markets offer your organic food brand unlimited opportunities to reach new global markets that increase sales. Instead of attending countless trade shows that consume a significant amount of your time, you access the Grovara virtual trade show to start conversations with distributors worldwide. Learn more about how the Grovara way is being embraced by a rapidly growing number of natural food companies looking for global food distributors.

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