Importing American Organic Food & Beverage Products From USA

As we move past the pandemic, importers from all over the world are addressing a wide variety of issues that have limited the growth of their companies. For starters, the worldwide supply chain disruption has negatively impacted almost every industry. Importing American organic food and beverage products from the USA has been negatively affected because of the short shelf life of many natural products.

Your company has limited time to transport Better-for-You produce and dairy products to the markets where you serve consumers. We also are dealing with a rapid increase in prices, as the inflation rate for countries worldwide has reached a rate not experienced since the late 1970s. Fuel cost is the primary culprit for causing the rapid increase in commodity prices. Buyers of healthy food and beverage products have seen thin profit margins narrow even more. Is there a solution to the debilitating economic conditions plaguing importers worldwide?

The answer is yes; there is a solution that sits inside a facility in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania!

Revolutionary eCommerce Platform

The supply chain disruption has forced many importers of organic food and beverage products to look elsewhere for building business relationships with brokers. Rapidly rising prices have made it cost-prohibitive to travel thousands of miles to interact with American Better-for-You brands at international trade shows and trade shows held in the United States.

Grovara offers a revolutionary tool that minimizes the negative influence of rising prices and constant supply chain disruptions.

Our wildly popular eCommerce platform provides members with many digital tools to improve the import process. You gain access to a tool that streamlines the import documentation process, which speeds up transactions to match consumers’ demand in overseas markets. By reviewing the data generated by a SPINS analysis, you gain insight into which markets represent the best opportunities to grow sales by purchasing American natural food and beverage products.

Another reason why the Grovara way has caught on with hundreds of American health food and beverage brands is it takes little time to become acclimated to the features offered by the eCommerce platform. Our free onboarding process takes no more than 30 days, which means you can start increasing global sales by the end of the month. With access to the Grovara eCommerce platform 24 hours per day, seven days a week, you can connect with American organic food and beverage brands during business hours that appeal to both parties.

Here is a sample of the hundreds of American Better-for-You food and beverage brands that are under the Grovara umbrella:

  • Drink Simple
  • Ka-Pop! Snacks
  • Kaizen Pasta
  • Pamela’s
  • Partake Foods
  • Tosi
  • True Citrus

Learn More About the Grovara Way

Tapping into the growing global natural food and beverage product market should be at the heart of your import company’s business model. Several studies have concluded that the international market for these products should grow at an annual average rate of 12.4% between 2022 and 2026. This translates into an estimated value for sales of more than $400 billion by the end of the next five years.

However, not just any seller will do.

American organic food and beverage products from the USA are known for high quality standards. Following the strict guidelines created by the United States Department of Agriculture, the American brands registered for the Grovara eCommerce platform are ready to start conversations with your importing partner. Learn more about the Grovara way by submitting the convenient form or by calling 215-207-0967.