Importing Natural / Organic Food and Beverage Products from USA To Qatar

If you are a buyer of organic food and beverage products in Qatar, finding a reliable seller in the USA can be difficult. Unfamiliarity with American organic food labeling standards and navigating through the red tape that can slow down the customs process might motivate your company to look elsewhere for high-quality natural, organic food and beverage products. However, joining the Grovara eCommerce platform makes doing business with the highest-rated Better-For-You American brands easier.

Discover the Grovara Way

Founded in 2010, Grovara has made significant strides in changing how importers and exporters do business together. Instead of trying to find an American broker from your Qatar-based importing company, you log in to the convenient eCommerce platform developed by the digital technology specialists at Grovara. Headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Grovara provides an eCommerce platform that makes it simple to discover new products and thus, build long-term relationships with the best American healthy food and beverage brands.

As an importer from Qatar, you gain immediate access to the representatives of our organic food and beverage brands. The onboarding process to sign up for the Grovara eCommerce platform takes no more than 30 days to complete. Before the end of one month, you acquire all the tools you need to receive samples, process orders, verify transactions, and ensure the accuracy of fulfillment requests. Because the Grovara eCommerce platform acts as a virtual trade show, you no longer have to travel to the United States to interact with the most popular natural food and beverage brands.

Here are some of the highly-rated organic food and beverage brands that have joined the revolutionary Grovara eCommerce platform:

  • Horizon Milk/ Danone (now has cheese)
  • Grace’s Goodness
  • Momma Chia
  • Pocket Latte
  • RxSugar
  • Skinny Me
  • Unna Bakery

Why Your Qatar Customers Want American Organic Food Products

A rapidly growing number of consumers worldwide have discovered the health and environmental benefits of importing natural food and beverage products. In addition to the health and ecological benefits, importing Better-For-You food and beverage products from the United States means importing food and beverage products that must follow the strictest standards. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) approves an organic food or beverage product only if it meets the guidelines established by the federal government agency.

Qatar consumers deserve the best organic food and beverage products, and Grovara is ready to help your import company connect with the most popular American brands.

Importing Organic Food Products to Qatar

All importers from Qatar must earn an import license to be introduced to American organic food and beverage brands. Only Qatar nationals qualify to receive import licenses.

To clear organic food and beverage products from the United States, Qatar importers must submit several documents, including a bill of lading, certificate of origin, and comprehensive customs declaration. One of the many benefits of signing up for the Grovara eCommerce platform is we provide buyers with the information they need to import natural food and beverage products into Qatar.

Join the Grovara eCommerce Platform

Learn more about importing natural, organic food and beverage products from the USA to Qatar by joining the Grovara eCommerce platform. Contact us today by submitting the short contact form or calling our headquarters at 215-207-0967.