Importing U.S. Rice

When you think of rice, you probably think about the number one rice producer in the world, China. However, the United States has made significant inroads into the Chinese dominance of the rice market. According to USA Rice, 50 percent of the rice crop harvested in the United States goes overseas to more than 120 countries. The U.S. sits on top of the organic rice market, with states like California, Arkansas, and Missouri among its top organic rice producers. If you are an international buyer or distributor of rice, importing U.S. rice involves working from the innovative eCommerce platform developed by Grovara.

What is the Grovara Difference?

From navigating customs to meeting import regulations, buyers and distributors of organic food products must interact with different sellers to achieve sales growth. The problem is that interacting with the sellers of American Better-for-You food products such as organic rice typically involves sending numerous emails and leaving several voice messages to track down one potential seller.

Grovara has streamlined the import-export process through our revolutionary eCommerce platform.

We refer to our proprietary eCommerce platform as a virtual trade show. Instead of walking from booth to booth, you log in to our easy-to-access eCommerce platform to start conversations with organic food and beverage brands operating in the United States. Think of Grovara as a match-making service between healthy food brands and the buyers and distributors that sell organic food products worldwide.

Grovara carefully screens healthy food brands that want to conduct business on our powerful eCommerce platform. This means when you sign up with Grovara, you do not have to conduct a screening process. We do all the legwork for your company, which means you can spend more time refining the logistics of getting organic rice out of an American port and into the cupboards of customers who live as far away as India.

Why You Should Import American Rice?

As the 5th largest rice exporter globally, the United States is quickly growing its market share. In the U.S., organic rice must grow in soil that has not received any herbicide, pesticide, or fertilizer treatments. American organic rice also must not contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs). These strict standards make America the best option for importing organic rice.

Organic rice grown in the United States is ideal for countries that feature sushi prominently at home and in restaurants and grocery stores. This is because American organic rice is both sodium-free and cholesterol-free. Whole grain rice appeals to overseas consumers who want to promote healthy weight and digestive management systems. American organic rice is a rich source of fiber and essential minerals.

Grovara: Your Home for American Organic Rice Sellers

Grovara is much more than a virtual tradeshow connecting sellers with buyers and distributors. We have also developed many helpful tools that improve the import-export process. For example, our Pallet Builder eliminates time-consuming back and forth interactions, while also making the checkout process easier to complete. When you enroll in the Grovara onboarding program, you spend time learning how to maximize the features of each tool.

Buyers and distributors of natural food products have the opportunity to discover new products that their competitors cannot access. The Grovara way includes a faster payment processing system and the timely and accurate fulfillment of every order.

Learn about importing U.S. rice the Grovara way by calling us at 215-207-0967 or submitting our convenient online form.