International Organic and Natural Food Distributors

Are you looking to grow your business by exporting, but your attempts to find international distributors for your natural and organic food and beverage products have met with nothing but headaches?

Grovara is making it easier for B2B buyers and brands to do business – from product discovery and sales to order processing, payments, and fulfillment. We will help you get export-ready in as little as 30 days and help you unlock sales in markets you never knew offered so many growth opportunities for your brand.

About Grovara

Grovara was founded in 2010 to give US-made wellness product manufacturers and international wholesale retailers and distributors a better way to connect through a B2B e-commerce marketplace platform.

Our online marketplace is a virtual trade show, with dozens of available brands and thousands of vetted buyers connecting daily to conduct business seamlessly and confidently.

Grovara has established trusted relationships with global buyers, creating a perfect fit for the exported products of American brands, ensuring prime placements in the markets and on shelves best suited for them.

Get Discovered

Onboarding is simple. Grovara charges no onboarding fee for brands or buyers. Product registration documentation is streamlined, verified, and authenticated for Swift In-Country Registration and customs clearance compliance. Your brand profile is a customizable digital sell sheet that highlights key product, brand, and company details all in one place.

Once you join our growing portfolio of carefully curated American natural and organic brands, your products will be placed in front of appropriate buyers in your category.

Interested buyers will connect with you directly through Grovara’s one-stop-shopping platform to start conversations, request samples, and fulfill orders. Our end-to-end logistics and fulfillment model provides step-by-step instructions for brands at all parts of the process. Documentation required for export is generated in real-time on a per-order basis.

After narrowing down international markets that are eager to have your products, the Grovara team will assess logistical needs or hurdles you may face entering these markets – ranging from access to nearby ports to the use of climate-controlled containers. We even make international payment processing painless and centralized.

Grovara also offers a full suite of tools that will help you manage global B2B commerce. Important notifications, robust order management, and deep insights and analytics are available right from your dashboard.

Join the Grovara Marketplace

Doesn’t your healthy, better-for-you food or beverage product belong in the global marketplace? Grovara would be proud to represent your brand.

We are dedicated to bringing the best healthy foods and beverages from the U.S. to the world. If your brand is seeking international organic and natural food distributors, look no further than Grovara. You can learn more about our partners and market-leading processes by visiting our website. Schedule a demo using our online contact form, or call us at (215) 207-0967.