Marketing Strategies for Imported Organic Food from the U.S.

Is your company looking for marketing strategies for the organic food and beverage products you import from the United States? What tools do you need to connect with American sellers of natural food and beverage products? How do you make potential customers in your international markets aware of the many benefits of consuming better-for-you foods and beverages?

The import-export experts at Grovara have all the answers for you.

Since 2010, Philadelphia-based Grovara has provided buyers and sellers of American healthy food and beverage products with access to an advanced eCommerce platform that offers dozens of helpful tools. Our revolutionary eCommerce platform allows you to interact with American sellers of organic food products without spending time with brokers or attending live trade shows in dozens of markets.

Because you spend less time connecting with the best American brands, you have more time to market your organic food products. More time devoted to your import business allows you to educate your target audience about the health and environmental benefits of switching to better-for-you food and beverages. Finally, onboarding to gain access to the Grovara eCommerce platform introduces your company to every tool you need to increase sales and maximize profits.

How to Market Imported Organic Food

Leveraging digital technology by creating a content-driven website and getting involved with social media represent two effective strategies to promote American natural food and beverage products. You also should follow a few tips that do not involve using digital technology.

Use Simple Language

Consumers immediately turn off marketers that use complex language when describing products and services. When it comes to American organic food and beverage products, you want to simplify the language used to describe the best features of each type of organic food and beverage. Uploading a question and answer page on your website should build the level of trust you need to develop to reach new customers.

Emphasize Stringent American Organic Standards

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has established some of the strictest standards for labeling organic food and beverage products than anywhere else in the world. Your target market wants proof that the natural food and beverage products you import from the United States enhance health and are safe to consume.

Describe the American Brands at Grovara

An integral part of your marketing strategy is to mention the list of American brands that operate from the Grovara eCommerce platform. Brand recognition represents a critical element for reaching customers that live in international markets as far away as Egypt and Hungary. Grovara carefully screens the American organic food and beverage brands that want to join our revolutionary eCommerce platform. Highlighting the brands that you do business with should boost customer confidence.

Join the Grovara eCommerce Platform

How would you like to discover new products, process orders, verify transactions, and ensure accurate fulfillment requests from one convenient platform? In no more than 30 days, you can complete the onboarding process that immediately gets you acquainted with the hundreds of organic food and beverage brands from the U.S. that have joined the Grovara platform. You also gain access to marketing strategies and dozens of tools that help you deal with logistical issues, such as customs, tariffs, and American government regulations.

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