Organic American Food Brands You Can Import

Bringing international buyers and sellers together has never been easier to do, thanks to the B2B Global Marketplace for wellness brands developed by Philadelphia-based Grovara. We have created the first B2B eCommerce platform that allows importers to discover which American food brands they can import. Grovara’s streamlined platform eliminates the unnecessary steps that importers must complete to connect with an American organic food brand.

Grovara represents dozens of the most popular American natural food brands that search for global distributors. Our eCommerce platform has developed a single marketplace where your import company discovers products, processes orders, facilitates payments, and honors fulfillment requests promptly. We can help you find the right American Better-for-You brands by eliminating the red tape that often accompanies import orders.

Grovara has developed a virtual trade show that features the finest American organic food brands operating across the globe. We vet sellers, which gives you more time to promote your import business to potential customers.

Why Importing Healthy American Food Products Makes Sense

During the era of rapid globalization, consumers have more organic food options than they have ever had before. The Internet has introduced global consumers to American organic food products that have become popular staples in commercial kitchens and the kitchens found in private residences. Importing American natural food products ensures you meet local demand and offers customers the opportunity to buy wellness food products that do not come from local sources.

In many cases, importing widely demanded American organic food products costs less than growing and manufacturing those natural food products at home. With a more diverse product portfolio, your import business gives you a competitive edge against other import companies operating in the country where you live.

Benefit from the Grovara Difference

Grovara has established a better process for matching food importers with sellers worldwide. Your import company no longer has to interact with multiple channels to consummate an import transaction. Our team of import and export specialists does all the vetting for you.

Moving organic food products worldwide requires matching your import company with distributors that keep American wellness food products safe. This requires sufficient space for refrigeration and working with a company that emphasizes the importance of storing foods according to universal food safety standards.

Grovara has built an impressive lineup of American organic Better-For-You brands in just a few years. We expect our current lineup of dozens of companies to multiply over the next few years. When you hire Grovara to help you find American natural food brands, you can expect to be introduced to the following companies.

  • Arrowhead Mills
  • Brad’s Plant-Based
  • Chickapea
  • GT’s Living Foods
  • Honey Stinger
  • Lesser Evil
  • That’s It
  • True Citrus
  • Waiakea Water
  • Wholesome Sweeteners

Connecting with American organic food product brands you can import requires clicking just a few keys on a computer keyboard. With Grovara, you work with a partner that has a vested interest in the success of your import program. Your success leads to our success. If you want access to more American Better-for-You food brands, call Grovara at 215-207-0967 or submit the convenient online form.