Organic & Natural Food Distributors in the UK

The United Kingdom (UK) has historically been the strongest trading partner for companies operating in the US. Except for a slight downturn during the COVID-19 pandemic, UK consumers have increased their demand for organic food and beverage products over the past 20 years. American companies that export better-for-you food and beverage products should take advantage of the robust demand for wellness products in the UK. The question is not whether your company should expand into the UK market. Instead, the question should be, how do you find organic and natural food distributors in the UK?

Your natural food brand can go the old-school route by working with individual brokers to sell to consumers living in different UK markets. For example, one broker can help you unload organic beverages in Liverpool, while a second broker negotiates deals with organic food distributors in London. The problem with the old-school broker model is it takes a considerable amount of time to export products to different regions of the UK. It is also costly to attend international trade shows to meet UK distributors.

There is a better way to meet organic and natural food distributors in the UK.

Welcome to the Grovara Way

Founded in 2010, Philadelphia-based Grovara has dramatically changed the way healthy food and beverage brands in the USA meet UK distributors. Instead of dealing with several brokers, you cut through the red tape to meet UK distributors on a revolutionary eCommerce platform. The Grovara way starts by enrolling you in a free onboarding process that takes no more than 30 days to complete. After onboarding, you acquire the digital tools needed to increase sales of your healthy food products in the UK market.

In as few as four clicks of a mouse, you introduce your organic food brand in the US to UK distributors that sell the types of products your company has to offer. Every importer invited to join the Grovara eCommerce platform goes through an extensive vetting process to ensure our export partners conduct business with the most reputable distributors operating out of the
UK. Imagine starting a conversation, processing an order, verifying a sales transaction, and ensuring the accuracy of a fulfillment request, all on the same business day. You accomplish this without spending money to fly overseas to a trade show or visit with different brokers just to gain entrance into a UK seaport.

Here is a list of a few US organic food brands that have joined the Grovara eCommerce platform:

Balanced Tiger


Mavuno Harvest

Positive Beverage

Unna Bakery

Logistical Support from a Team of Export and Import Specialists

The Grovara eCommerce platform does much more than help your better-for-you brand in the USA meet UK distributors. We also provide logistical support, such as simplifying the export documentation process. We confirm product registration and customs clearance compliance and centralize international payments to cut down on the time it takes to disperse funds. Grovara ensures your product registration information always remains current and that your brand closely follows the rapidly changing regulations imposed on imported organic food products by the UK government. In addition, our marketing division helps your company identify future product trends to discover vibrant growth opportunities before your competitors.

Learn More About Grovara

As we dig out of the economic mess created by the COVID-19 pandemic, now is the best time to try a new and improved way to meet organic and natural food distributors in the UK. Learn more about the Grovara way by submitting the convenient online form or calling us at 215-207-0967.