Sell Food & Beverage Products Internationally

Your organic food brand has reaped the financial rewards of robust consumer demand in the USA. How do you increase sales in a domestic market that is fast-approaching saturation? The answer is to devise an effective plan to sell food and beverage products internationally.

Before the Internet, penetrating overseas markets located thousands of miles away required a significant amount of legwork. Exporters had to go through different brokers to reach multiple markets. With communication channels consisting of phones and snail mail, building professional relationships with international brokers often took several months.

The traditional paradigm costs brands both time and money and if you throw attending international trade shows into the mix, selling natural food and beverage products internationally becomes cost and time prohibitive. Even with the introduction of the Internet, brands from the US continued to follow the traditional business model of trading their organic food and beverage products in overseas markets. Meeting with individual brokers over the phone or via snail mail remained the standard operating procedure.

In 2010, a much better way to sell food and beverage products in the global marketplace dramatically changed how exporters and importers transact.

Welcome to the Grovara Way

In 2010, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based Grovara opened its headquarters. Soon after that event, we introduced better-for-you brands operating in the USA to a revolutionary eCommerce platform that matches exporters with international distributors. Our team of export specialists does not act like traditional brokers by arranging international trade deals between brands in the US and distributors operating across the world. Instead, Grovara offers many digital tools to enhance the global trade process.

For example, Grovara constantly updates our partners about the economic and political events that recently developed in overseas markets. For instance, if a country where your brand plans to do business experiences political turmoil or a substantial economic downturn, you can expect to receive the news in real-time to help your brand plan for contingency arrangements with distributors in our countries.

One of the most appealing features of the Grovara eCommerce platform is it takes fewer than 30 days for our new partners to learn everything they need to know before embarking on their journeys to increase international sales of organic food and beverage products. After your brand registers for the free onboarding process, you immediately begin to acquire the insights and knowledge that help you build long-lasting relationships with international distributors of natural food and beverage products.

Because of our success, Grovara has started accepting brands outside of the US to sell their organic food and beverage products on our eCommerce platform. Grovara has carefully vetted every distributor that has joined our proprietary eCommerce platform. Because of our meticulous vetting process, we have gained the confidence of hundreds of wellness brands operating in the USA.

Here are five of the hundreds of US brands that have registered to join the Grovara eCommerce platform:

Get Started Today

After completing the free onboarding process, your brand is prepared to start conversations with the most reputable international health food and beverage distributors. After you start a conversation with one global distributor, you can quickly move to other phases of the sales process, such as processing orders, completing sales transactions, and verifying the accuracy of fulfillment requests. Your brand can even send samples of your wellness products overseas to showcase your commitment to delivering the highest quality.

Discover how to sell food and beverage products internationally by calling 215-207-0967 or submitting the short Contact form. We remind our partners that Grovara is a self-service platform for them to achieve their goal of going global.