Selling Natural Foods Overseas

Cutting through the red tape to reach organic food and beverage consumers overseas can be frustrating when selling American natural foods. You have to deal with high tariffs in some countries, making it difficult to break even. Government trade regulations also can put a damper on profits. After addressing customs issues, your Better-For-You brand might decide to take your natural food and beverage products to another international market.

With our headquarters located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Grovara helps the exporters of healthy food and beverage products reach consumers in global markets such as Southeast Asia and along the Pacific Coast of South America. We are much more than a traditional import-export company because our international market experts guide organic food brands through the often complex international sales process. Grovara also offers tools that help Better-For-You brands assess the feasibility of entering new overseas markets.

Because of our innovative approach to selling organic food and beverage products, Grovara has attracted hundreds of natural food brands that include the following companies:

Increase Sales Through the Grovara eCommerce Platform

The standard way to attract buyers of your organic food and beverage products involves going through a broker or attending live trade shows to promote your products to dozens of potential buyers. This takes a considerable amount of your time. After you finish onboarding with Grovara, you immediately start conversations with organic food and beverage buyers in markets as far away as Paris and Tokyo.

The Grovara eCommerce platform helps you get discovered by buyers that you otherwise would not have ever met. You also process orders, complete transactions in real-time, and offer samples to entice potential buyers to commit to your Better-For-You food and beverage products. Grovara offers an end-to-end logistics and fulfillment model that provides instruction for brands to navigate through the selling process. Every document required for exporting organic food and beverage products is generated in real-time to make international payment processing as smooth as possible.

Register with Grovara Today

Grovara presents several convincing selling points that persuade sellers of organic food and beverage products to sign up for our eCommerce platform. One of the recent developing points for selling the Grovara eCommerce platform concerns how we performed during the COVID-19 pandemic. While most global brokers lost money during the pandemic, Grovara increased international sales in 2021 by nearly 75 percent. Around 50 percent of our increased sales occurred in Latin American countries such as Mexico. Our success south of the border allowed us to expand our presence in Latin America to build the foundation for future growth. If your natural food brand is looking to grow sales in Central and South America, Grovara is the company to help you achieve your sales goal.

“The growth in demand for natural and organic products in Mexico has created a flurry of interest from leading retailers on our platform that stretches across LATAM,” said Grovara’s Eugenia Schlitter. “We’ve been able to deliver the best products as well as the best margins to retailers in a single solution that saves them time and headaches.”

If you are interested in selling natural foods overseas, learn more about Grovara and our revolutionary eCommerce platform by submitting the online contact form or calling us at 215-207-0967.