Selling Products Overseas

As an American seller of organic food products, your company constantly searches for new growth opportunities. If the domestic marketplace appears to be saturated with sellers of Better-For-You food and beverage products, introduce your brand overseas to relatively untapped markets where consumers are ready to enjoy the health benefits of consuming the natural food products offered by companies, such as Chickapea and Skinny Me Chocolate.

The question is not whether your company should expand operations abroad, but instead, how do you gain exposure to your wellness food products in overseas markets? Do you connect with buyers such as distributors and retailers the traditional way, or has the time come to implement a new and improved approach to selling products overseas.

In no more than 30 days, Grovara can connect your healthy food products company to several international buyers.

An Overview of Grovara

Since opening its doors in 2010, Philadelphia-based Grovara has changed the international organic food and beverage sales model. The development of an eCommerce platform has helped organic food and beverage brands establish a strong presence in markets as far away as Tokyo and Rio De Janeiro. Our advanced digital eCommerce platform acts as a virtual trade show by bringing together buyers and sellers that would not have the opportunity to do business the traditional way.

Imagine not spending the time and money required to interact with overseas buyers the traditional way, which involves meeting one-on-one to determine whether doing business together makes financial sense. Instead, you log in to the Grovara eCommerce platform to start conversations with overseas organic food and beverage product buyers.

The Grovara way of selling healthy food and beverage products overseas has helped us establish long-term partnerships with many leading brands in the Better-For-You food products industry. When you register your export company with Grovara, you join an impressive list of organic food sellers that have increased sales by reaching markets located throughout the globe.

What to Consider When Selling Products Overseas

Selling products overseas requires diligent planning, one of the many services that Grovara provides for the organic food and beverage brands that join our platform.

Enter the Right Markets

Not every international market is ready to buy your natural food products. Selecting the right overseas markets requires extensive research, which you can do online from the convenient Grovara eCommerce platform. You can discover how much demand there is for your Better-For-You food products and develop the most influential marketing campaign to reach international buyers. The key is to learn more about the local culture regarding the consumption of organic food and beverage products.

Understand Local Tax Rules and Government Regulations

Selling your organic food products in the United States requires you to follow federal tax rules and regulations and abide by state laws that determine how you should sell products domestically. Although it can be somewhat complex to sell in different states, the complexity pales in comparison to selling organic food and beverage products overseas.

When you partner with Grovara, you spend less time researching international tax rules and government regulations and more time developing effective marketing campaigns for your healthy food and beverage products.

Sign Up for the Grovara eCommerce Platform

Selling products overseas can help your company increase sales while minimizing international business costs. Today, take the first step toward getting your organic food brand noticed overseas by contacting Grovara. You can reach us at 215-207-0967 or by submitting the short contact form.