Venus Williams Announces New Investment in Self-Care Line, Asutra

Grovara welcomes Venus Williams to the Grovara Family as she is now the new Chief Brand Officer for Asutra, Grovara’s premiere nutraceutical line!



The tennis star talked to Women’s Wear Daily about becoming the chief brand officer of Asutra, a self-care line she’s been using for years

Venus Williams is embarking on a new business venture.

The 7-time Grand Slam winner just became a partial investor and the chief brand officer of a line called Asutra, which offers a wide variety of products designed to help customers “amp up their self-care time,” according to owner and CEO Stephanie Morimoto.

Asutra sells everything from CBD cream and yoga mat cleaners, to skin care and aromatherapy mists. After first discovering the brand’s pain relief cream as a consumer, Williams told Women’s Wear Daily that this new project was a natural fit because she’s always been passionate about wellness.

“I love their focus on active self-care,” Williams told WWD. “Obviously I live and breathe that, and I was able to use their products as a part of actively taking care of myself. I also love that their products work and they use all natural ingredients, so you can use the products for your mind, body and soul. That was a huge appeal for me and just fit right into my lifestyle.”

“It was all natural… and even for my own health I do a lot of things that enhance my health to keep inflammation down, the way I eat and all of that,” Williams said about other benefits of the line that coincide with her life as a professional athlete.

One of her favorite Asutra products is a lavender aromatherapy spray called Melt the Pain Away and Dream the Night Away, which has become a staple in her nighttime routine. Other bestsellers include the Magnesium Healing line and the weighted eye mask. Morimoto told WWD, “People are really hungry for good sleep.”

Asutra first launched online in 2015 and quickly expanded. The self-care line will soon be available in over 3,000 CVS stores.

Williams (who’s an active entrepreneur thanks to her activewear line, EleVen, and her design company, V Starr Interiors) said she has to pick and choose when it comes to other projects.

“I have limited time because of the tennis, so I am very careful about what I get involved in because I want to give it my all and am invested in living up to the ideals of the products I’m associated with,” she said. “[My dad] always encouraged us to be entrepreneurs and to own our own business so it was something which strangely enough I had to do to make my parents proud…I didn’t think of it at the time, but now that I think of it, yeah, they probably were proud.”