What Major Organic Brands Does the U.S. Export?

What major organic brands does the U.S. export? Grovara places considerable emphasis on conducting extensive research into every American Better-For-You food brand that wants to expand its operations overseas. Let us introduce you to the best products!

Are you tired of having to cut through red tape to introduce your import company to a retailer or wholesaler located halfway around the world? The import business is known for its complex processes, from finding the right sellers to meeting the different legal requirements mandated by local and national governments.

At Grovara, we offer a one-stop shopping platform for buyers of American organic food products. Our extensive list of Better-For-You food companies offers our customers a convenient way to find suitable exporters and a convenient way to consummate transactions. Our proprietary B2B eCommerce platform takes care of every step involved in importing American wellness food products.

When the time comes to fulfill an American natural food product order, our eCommerce platform verifies the amount of the order and the specific products in the order. Our team of import specialists helps you find the products demanded by consumers in your country and speed up the processing of all orders placed with popular American organic food brands. Grovara facilitates payments to ensure you receive what you contracted for promptly.

Since 2010, Grovara has refined the technology used to bring sellers and buyers together in the global marketplace for organic food products. We have set the standard for opening new markets that buyers previously did not know existed.

Top Reasons for Importing American Organic Foods

Importing American healthy food products introduces your consumers to new all-natural food products they cannot find domestically. Consumers benefit when they discover new products of any kind that fill a consumer demand void at home. High demand for American Better-for-You food products makes importing the products more profitable than growing or manufacturing the organic food products at home. You can meet the high demand for American organic food products without high manufacturing costs by purchasing the products straight from the source. Your company establishes a trade partnership with one of our American natural food brands, not a manufacturing relationship that significantly reduces profits.

Who Are Grovara’s American Organic Food Partners?

The Grovara platform is like a virtual trade show. Our team of international distribution experts matches your company with one of our American brands to import the finest quality organic, natural food products. You have access to American brands such as Arrowhead Mills, Brad’s Plant-Based, Chickapea, and Cleveland Kitchen. Since 2010, Grovara has expanded its growing base of American organic food brands by adding companies like GT’s Living Foods, That’s It, True Citrus, and Wholesome Sweeteners.

The Grovara B2B eCommerce platform provides importers with all the tools they need to finalize deals for importing American healthy food products. You get to interact with the most popular American organic food brands without having to travel thousands of miles to get familiar with every company in our vast portfolio. You also have access to analytical tools that help you increase sales and find the least costly way to move American organic food products to your country.

Act today to become part of the Grovara way of buying American healthy food products. Call us at 215-207-0967 or submit a short online form to get started.