What They’re Saying About the First-Ever B2B E-Commerce Global Marketplace for American Wellness Brands

WholeFoods UK Buyer Reviews Grovara’s B2B Technology Platform from Peter Groverman on Vimeo.

Part of Grovara President/Co-Founder Abu Kamara’s job is to help make the exporting process easier for global retailers, as well as the American wellness brands they are purchasing from.

A happy buyer means a happy brand, and Whole Foods UK buyer Miguel was downright giddy over Grovara’s proprietary technology platform that streamlines and automates the workflows associated with exporting when he had the chance to sit down with Kamara recently and experience for himself Grovara’s B2B e-commerce international marketplace of American wellness brands.

“It looks really great and it simplifies the process,” says Miguel in the video as he virtually assembles a pallet of Wholesome Sweeteners products for an order.

As Grovara wrapped testing of its technology this fall, Miguel pressed the buttons on the first official order placed by a buyer through the e-commerce platform, which captures all the convenience and of traditional B2C e-commerce platforms like Alibaba and Amazon.

We’ll keep sharing reactions from users of our platform as more of them are introduced to a modern B2B trade experience that eliminates the many headaches of traditional exporting. If you’re a global retailer who’d like to demo it yourself, please connect with Kamara.