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GOODNESS IS OUR GUIDING PRINCIPLE. We choose what’s best for our customers, our farmers, our employees and our planet. It’s a tall order, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We were organic before it was a national certification. So when the U.S. Department of Agriculture decided to create standards for organic, they looked to us for guidance. Together with other industry leaders, we helped pioneer the organic food industry and, more importantly, we helped make organic food available to more people.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer vegan options?

Oh yes we do!

Is all Amy's food organic?

Our goal is to use as many organic ingredients as we can. And currently, most of our vegetables, grains and beans are organic. There are a few ingredients we use that aren’t organic, either because they are not readily available in the quantities we need or because the cost is much too high. But we continue to work hard to have those last few conventionally-grown items sourced organically for us.

Do you offer gluten free options?

Gluten free is practically our middle name. We make over 100 gluten free products, and we were one of the pioneers in producing a wide range of gluten free meals.