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Chickapea is an organic plant-based pasta packed with protein, fiber, nutrients and most importantly, taste! Each pasta is made with only organic chickpeas and lentils.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Chickapea Pasta's nutritional info?

Our pasta is super nutritious with 23g of protein, 11g of fiber and 35% of your DRI of iron per serving! Click here to view our full nutrition information.

What ingredients is Chickapea Pasta made from?

The ONLY ingredients in Chickapea Pasta are organic chickpeas and organic lentils! Seriously, that’s it!

Why is Chickapea Pasta better than other gluten free pastas?

While it’s great to reduce or eliminate gluten from your diet, we think it’s even more important what you ARE eating and Chickapea is full of protein, fiber, iron, folate and all kinds of other essential nutrients. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for pastas made from rice, corn and other gluten-free ingredients.