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Chloe's Fruit makes clean, delicious frozen fruit Pops with just fruit, water, and atouch of cane sugar - that's it! No stabilizers, no additives, nothing artificial.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Chloe a real person?

Chloe Epstein is a real person, mom of three, former Assistant District Attorney and Co-Founder of Chloe’s.

Why is sugar added to your products?

Cane sugar is added to our pops to help give our pops their creamy texture. Without it, they would be too hard to bite.

Are your pops kosher?

Yes, our pops are kosher certified by Star K.

Is there gluten in Chloe's pops?

All Chloe’s Pops are gluten free. No gluten here!

Is there dairy in Chloe's pops?

All Chloe’s Pops are dairy free. Creamy but no dairy here!