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hellowater® is about inspiring health and healthy habits. We are the first pro wellness water line for all generations. Made with only quality ingredients, hellowater® delivers wellness benefits for digestive health, immune defense, and the body’s pH balance, with great tasting flavors, zero sugar and inspirational messaging.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is hellowater® gluten free, vegan & kosher?

Yes! we also do not use dairy, soy, animal products, nuts, peanuts, preservatives or MSG! We are also proud that hellowater® is made in the USA.

What kind of purification does hellowater® use?

Purification systems vary depending on the type of water available at our bottlers. techniques can include reverse-osmosis, de-ionization and ultra-violet purification before adding flavors. as a final step, hellowater® is pasteurized. the water is purified to the same hellowater® standards prior to addition of our flavors, so that the finished product has the same great taste and quality no matter where you find it.

What is the pH of hellowater®?

The pH of hellowater® is between 3.5 and 4, which is at least 10 times LESS acidic than a typical soda. many people who ask us about pH have been told that they should only drink pH 7 or higher beverages. this is not the case. the acidity of hellowater® is insignificant relative to the acidity found in the stomach, for example, and will have no impact on the pH of your body.