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Made with delicious honey and organic ingredients, Honey Stinger provides the fuel you need to push harder and go farther. We use honey to make delicious, nutritious fuel to help people eat well, train well, and live well. Our products are born and tested in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and proven by athletes everywhere.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can children eat Honey Stinger products?

All Honey Stinger products are made from natural ingredients so they are great snacks for children. Our Strawberry-Kiwi Gels are naturally caffeinated, so many parents choose to avoid giving these products to children.

What is the shelf life of Honey Stinger?

Honey Stinger Waffles have a best buy date of 12 months from date of manufacture and gels, bars and chews have a best by date of 18 months from date of manufacture. All of our products have a best buy date printed on the individual product packaging.