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We love what we brew. Silky smooth. Naturally sweet. Deliciously refreshing nitro cold brew coffee made with you in mind. We created RISE Nitro because we were tired of the coffee products we saw on the market – loaded with sugar, calories, harmful chemicals and words we couldn’t spell. Our mission is to make the best coffee products on the planet and make them accessible to everyone.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What products does RISE Brewing Co. sell?

We sell nitro cold brew coffee in a variety of formats (cans, kegs and bag-in-box) and flavors (Original Black, Oat Milk Latte, Mocha Latte and Classic Latte). We brew all our products with high quality, organic ingredients.

Is your coffee 100% nut free?

Yes we are nut free, there are no tree nuts in our brewing facility nor the facility that packages our coffee. RISE nitro cold brew coffee 100% nut free in all flavors.

Are your products Gluten Free?

Our Original Black and Classic Latte are Gluten Free. For our oat milk products, we use only gluten-free oats. However, our products are produced in a facility that may contain gluten.