Grovara is the most efficient way for you to Go Global.

Take your brand Global in 60 days.

0-5 Days

Global Brand Potential Analysis

Going Global is hard. At Grovara we continuously study international trends, brand viability, and assess global opportunities.

Trend Assessment

Trends Matter. Grovara partnered with SPINS, the US leading provider of consumer insights and analytics for the natural and organic products industries.

We help educate global buyers identify growth trends and quickly assess the potential of your brand and products.

Spins LLC

Buyer Network Survey

Connect with the locals. The Grovara team has spent over 8 years identifying over 5,000 global buyers.

What better way to gauge interest, collect valuable feedback and sample your products?

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Competitive Analysis

We help you scan and analyze your competitive landscape – globally. Whether you’re a first mover or fast follower, Grovara helps you uncover the right opportunity in markets that are right for you.

Logistics Review

Once we start narrowing down international markets “ripe” for your products, the Grovara team begins to assess logistical needs or hurdles you may face entering these markets – ranging from access to nearby ports to the use of climate controlled containers.

5-50 Days


Let’s get you started quickly. Did we already mention that we’re obsessed with creating highly efficient operational processes? Well, the proof is in the pudding. Just keep going to find out.

Standardize Product Information

Cubic meters? Centimeters? Milligrams? Ain’t nobody got time for that. At Grovara we help you navigate the complexities of market-specific product registration. Our process allows you to curate and standardize product information with ease – allowing your brand to become and stay export-ready.

In-Country Registration

Experience counts and relationships matter. When working with Grovara, you’ll find that product registration documentation is streamlined, verified and authenticated for swift in-country registration and customs clearance compliance.

Plus, our strong working relationships with USDA offices in over 75 countries, global trading agencies and regulatory bodies will futher accelerate market adoption of new products.

51-52 Days

Joining The Grovara Marketplace

It’s showtime, baby! You’re now ready to join Grovara’s growing portfolio of carefully curated wellness brands. It’s time to put your products in the limelight and get discovered by over 5,000 global buyers.

Get Listed

We’ve dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s. Your products are ready to be listed in the Grovara Marketplace. Yes, it kind of feels like joining a dating website where thousands of global buyers will now be able to learn about your products’ unique story, attributes and benefits – or simply request a sample to try them out first-hand.

Get Introduced

We're proud to represent your brand.

Grovara is your platform for Global Sales and Brand Building.

How do you do it? Glad you asked.

Get Listed and start selling. Count on Grovara's reps to help you keep commerce human, while connecting with buyers on our platform and growing international sales.

52-60 Days

Facilitating Your First Order

Congratulations! Leads are flocking in. You’ve been successfully matched to several buyers. Orders have been placed and products are ready to be shipped. No time to waste!


Grovara’s end-to-end logistics and fulfillment model provides access to a network of trusted partners that offer competitive shipping quotes and standardized shipping documentation.

No matter the final destination, Grovara keeps monitoring the entire shipping process, ensuring timely notifications and ongoing communication between all parties. That’s peace-of-mind.

Invoicing & Payment Processing

Grovara’s invoicing process relies on a multi-user transaction interface that allows all parties to edit and communicate in real time.

We’ve created a centralized and standardized invoicing process designed to guarantee more transparency and transparency across all parties. After all, speed-to-market and establishing strong brand/buyer relationships are key to everyone’s success.

60+ Days

But wait, there’s more.

This isn’t where the journey ends. We’re just getting started.

Grovara’s mission has always been to nurture and deepen the relationships we’ve established with the brands we represent so proudly.

Our goal is to keep you export-ready – ensuring your product registrations stay current and comply with ever-changing, country-specific requirements.

Over time, our consulting and marketing divisions will help you identify future trends, strengthen your global brand building and marketing efforts, and unlock even more sales in markets you never knew presented vital growth opportunities.

Onwards and upwards.