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Understanding International Export and Import Documentation

Documentation regulations are an integral part of the global export/import process. Learn what documents may be needed and why.


List of All Documents by Type/Occasion #

Registration Documents #

Buyers present these documents to their import regulatory agency to ensure the Brand can be successfully sold in-country.

Missing any of these documents may result in the Brand being unable to be sold in-country.

NOTE: Exemption letters are not acceptable alternatives to these documents.

Shipping Documents #

Documents that follow a specific shipment/product order from pick-up to delivery.

Claims Documents #

Claims documents verify various health and safety claims.


What to Expect with Documentation #

Documentation regulations and requirements change frequently and vary widely between countries, among categories and even by ingredients. Due to the dynamic nature of the trade documentation environment, not all documents are requested from all Brands and some documents may require varying lead times to obtain.

The Grovara Supply Chain experts adhere to the regulations of the dynamic trade documentation environment.


Document Formatting #

Documents are procured in five possible formats, each representing a unique process.

    • Digital
      A document that is provided in digital format.
    • Hard Copy
      An original document that is provided by the Brand, Grovara, or third party to the Buyer if requested.
    • Signed & Company Stamped
      A document that can be requested in digital or hard copy format. It is provided by and signed by the Brand or company and contains the Brand or company stamp.
    • Notarized
      An original, hardy copy document that is signed by at least one involved party before a notary public, includes authentication (stamp) by notary public affixed to the document.
    • Legalized
      Also known as apostilled. An original, hardy copy document that has been signed and notarized then signed and authenticated by the appropriate filing office (e.g. US Department of State).


Using the Platform to Maintain Export Documents #

Through the Grovara Platform, Brands maintain their export documents directly and at-will. The Grovara Document Manager advises Brand Users on what documents to procure and when. Brand Users can update, edit, add and remove documents; after which, the Grovara Document Management team will review and confirm the documents in 3 – 5 business days.

The Document Manager is capable of automatically informing Brands of when their documents are about to expire. It is recommended that Brands enable Export Registration Documentation notifications.




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