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Using the Direct Messenger Hub

Grovara enables Brands and Buyers to connect directly through the Direct Messenger Hub on the Grovara Marketplace.

Brands and Buyers often find the Direct Messenger Hub especially helpful with communicating about:

  • Nutrition content of products
  • Package specifications
  • Fact sheets
  • Presentations
  • Content of master cases
  • Information about the product: shelf life, temperature recommended for storage, availability of the product, etc.


To access the Messenger Hub, follow the steps below.

1. Select Messages #

From the Dashboard, select “Messages” in the left-hand navigation menu

2. View Direct Messenger Hub #

The Direct Messenger Hub will open and display two options: “Messaging” and “New Conversation.” Any new messages will appear on the left and any message threads will appear on the right

3. Begin New Conversation #

To begin a new conversation, enter the name of the desired company or individual in the “New Conversation” search bar then click on the specific user

4. Add a Document and Send a Message #

Enter a message into the box at the bottom of the page or click the paper clip image to upload a document. Click the green arrow to send the message. (Tip: If the arrow is not visible, scroll to the bottom of the page) The other user will receive a notification informing them of the message

5. Reply to a Message #

To reply to a message, click the message and a chat will open to the right

6. Add a Grovara Rep to a Conversation #

If needed, add a Grovara Rep to the conversation by clicking on “+ Add”

7. Send Direct Message to Buyer #

To send a message directly to a Buyer aligned to a purchase order, select the particular purchase order and scroll to the bottom of the screen

8. Send Message #

Begin typing in the “Messages” box, then press the green arrow to send the message or attached file



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