We are Grovara

A team dedicated to bringing the best brands to the best markets.

We handpick scalable products and match them with the strongest buyers.

Grovara has standardized product, order, and shipping information for brands and buyers to navigate the complexities of global trade.

We’re working with partners in different sectors and redefining what it means to help brands maximize their reach and Go Global.

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The Grovara Marketplace

Upon joining Grovara’s growing portfolio of carefully curated brands, your products will be in the limelight and get discovered by over 5,000 vetted buyers across 60+ countries. Our Marketplace empowers global buyers to learn about your products’ unique story, attributes and benefits – or simply request a sample to try them out first hand.

End-to-End Logistics and Payment Processing

Grovara’s end-to-end logistics and fulfillment model provides access to a network of trusted partners that offer competitive shipping quotes and standardized shipping documents. We know that establishing strong brand/buyer relationships is key to everyone’s success. Hence your centralized and standardized invoicing process is designed to guarantee transparency across all parties.

In-Country Registration and Brand/Marketing Support

Our goal is to get (and keep) you global-sales-ready – ensuring your product registrations stay current and comply with ever changing, country specific requirements. Furthermore, our marketing consulting division will help you define custom awareness and brand building strategies to ensure you drive demand and unlock sales quickly.

Access to SPINS® Category - & Product-Level Insights

Trends matter. That’s why Grovara partnered with SPINS®, a US leading provider of consumer insights and analytics. We help educate global buyers identify growth trends and quickly assess the potential of your brand and products.



The Grovara Marketplace

Exclusive access to Grovara’s growing portfolio of established and emerging CPG brands – all of which have been selected based on measurable and forecasted growth characteristics and velocity trends.

End-to-End Logistics and Fulfillment

Grovara’s one-stop-shop platform allows international buyers to seamlessly manage shopping carts and streamline logistics and fulfillment. Instead of working with multiple brands, logistics partners, and one-off catalogs, Grovara provides access to a network of trusted partners that offer competitive shipping quotes and product documentation that is streamlined, verified and authenticated for swift order processing.

Access to SPINS® Category- & Product-Level Insights

Take the guesswork out of vetting new products and start making informed purchase decisions. As a Global Buyer Network partner, you’ll be able to stay on top of industry trends and leverage product- and category-level intelligence derived from Grovara’s exclusive strategic partnership with SPINS.

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