Global Tea Distributors

Has the export process for your healthy, organic tea products caused you an incredible amount of frustration? Are you looking for a new way to connect with buyers? Does searching for the right global distributors turn into a project that takes months, if not years, to unfold?

If you answered yes to all three questions, you should reach out to Grovara to help find your organic tea market overseas.

Our comprehensive one-stop selling marketplace has attracted dozens of brands and thousands of retailers and distributors worldwide. Grovara specializes in helping sellers of Better-For-You products such as natural tea connect with the right distributors that serve the right markets.

Instead of trying to connect with buyers in markets where you have never conducted business, our experienced team of export specialists finds the most lucrative market for your healthy tea products. You save time and money by partnering with Grovara to meet your requirements.

What Services Do the Best Global Tea Distributors Offer?

The tea distributors you conduct business with globally serve a wide variety of customers, including city markets, grocery stores, and high-end restaurants. One of the most important services provided by Grovara involves screening potential worldwide distributors to find a handful that meets three criteria.

Digital Marketing

Many of our customers are not familiar with the culture and political climate of the markets they want to enter. Grovara screens potential distributors based on the digital marketing services offered. You want to connect with prospective customers via social media channels and on tea-focused websites that offer your product for direct sale.

Supply Chain Management

The best global tea distributors know how to anticipate supply chain disruptions, which is an especially appealing attribute as global distributors try to navigate the daily bottlenecks that have hurt international businesses in 2021 and 2022. Grovara emphasizes the importance of partnering with a worldwide tea distributor that avoids costly delays in delivering your organic tea products.


Once your natural tea products reach an international port, the global tea distributor you choose to partner with must have the infrastructure and skilled employees to transport your organic tea products to the right customers on time and under budget. Your global tea distribution partner also must have the warehouse facilities to store your products in the correct temperature-controlled environments.

Find a Global Tea Distributor Quickly

Grovara has rapidly grown into the leading company for facilitating B2B global transactions for Better-For-You products. Our proprietary eCommerce platform allows carefully selected retailers and wholesalers from more than 50 countries to search for healthy food products. The lineup of brands that use our convenient eCommerce platform include True Citrus, Elmhurst 1925, That’s It, and Brad’s Plant-Based.

Grovara offers technology that provides a way for distributors to discover your healthy tea products and process orders in real-time. Our streamlined eCommerce platform makes the global distribution process faster and easier to complete. You have access to all the data you need from one convenient eCommerce platform. Our platform facilitates payments and the product fulfillment process.

Our highly-talented global distribution experts help you connect with buyers in international markets, from as close as Mexico to as far away as Japan. Since consuming organic teas is an essential part of many eastern diets, you get access to markets located all across Asia. We have spent more than eight years identifying nearly 5,000 international buyers.

Learn more about finding global tea distributors and Grovara’s popular streamlined B2B eCommerce platform by calling 215-207-0967 or contacting us online.