After Tripling Domestic Sales In 2021, Rule Breaker Snacks Looks To Expand Growth With Exports

Former health journalist and certified health coach Nancy Kalish points out that consumers have traditionally had to expect to give up taste and satisfaction in order to eat more healthfully or accommodate food allergies and other dietary restrictions. Kalish lived this first hand after becoming a vegan nearly a decade ago. When she began experimenting […]

When was the last time you updated your Brand Page?

Maybe you’ve heard, but exporting can be one of the best ways to increase your brand’s valuation and keeping your brand’s  Profile Page up to date is one of the best ways you can attract more international buyers! The Grovara Marketplace is uniquely designed to allow you to customize the experience shoppers have when they […]

What Major Organic Brands Does the U.S. Export?

What major organic brands does the U.S. export? Grovara places considerable emphasis on conducting extensive research into every American Better-For-You food brand that wants to expand its operations overseas. Let us introduce you to the best products! Are you tired of having to cut through red tape to introduce your import company to a retailer […]

Organic American Food Brands You Can Import

Bringing international buyers and sellers together has never been easier to do, thanks to the B2B Global Marketplace for wellness brands developed by Philadelphia-based Grovara. We have created the first B2B eCommerce platform that allows importers to discover which American food brands they can import. Grovara’s streamlined platform eliminates the unnecessary steps that importers must […]

Organic & Natural Food Brands In the USA

If you are a buyer of American organic and natural foods, Grovara offers you a streamlined solution for finding the right retailers and wholesalers. We simplify the buying process to make it easier for buyers to find popular Better-For-You food brands in the USA. You can discover wellness food products, process food orders, facilitate payments, […]

How To Find International Buyers For Export

Located in Philadelphia, PA, Grovara helps exporters find international buyers by offering a convenient one-stop selling export experience. Starting with the product discovery phase, Grovara walks clients through a process that includes order processing, payment facilitation, and fulfillment. Grovara has established itself as the leader in B2B exporting for Better-For-You American food brands in the […]

How Much Food Does the European Union Import From America?

Before the formation of the European Union (EU), sellers of American Better-For-You food products had to complete transactions with individual buyers from many different countries. The formation of the EU simplified business transactions for American organic food manufacturers, and the amount of food the EU imports from America is slowly growing. For buyers of American […]

Global Tea Distributors

Has the export process for your healthy, organic tea products caused you an incredible amount of frustration? Are you looking for a new way to connect with buyers? Does searching for the right global distributors turn into a project that takes months, if not years, to unfold? If you answered yes to all three questions, […]