USA Organic Food Wholesale

If you are an international retailer or distributor seeking wholesale USA organic food and beverages to import, look no further than Grovara. We have simplified importing and are adding carefully curated brands to our global marketplace every day. Grovara is making it easier for B2B buyers and brands to do business – from product discovery […]

U.S. Organic Food Exporter

Are you a foreign retailer or distributor looking for a U.S. organic food exporter to stock your shelves with American-made better-for-you natural products that will satisfy your shoppers’ demands? Grovara will help you discover and introduce leading U.S. brands to your market. Importing and exporting are complex, but Grovara facilitates global exporting and importing with […]

U.S. Companies Looking for Distributors

Grovara represents dozens of U.S. companies that manufacture natural and organic food and beverage products and are looking for international distributors. We connect these brands and potential buyers to help them succeed in major markets around the globe where demand is on the rise. Philadelphia-based Grovara, founded in 2010, utilizes data and proprietary technology to […]

Pallet at a Time U.S. Exports

If you are interested in importing natural and organic food and beverages from the U.S. but are unsure about the market opportunities in your country and whether the product you select will succeed, take advantage of pallet-at-a-time exports through Grovara. About Grovara Grovara is the leading B2B global marketplace for American better-for-you brands. We connect […]

International Organic Beverage Distributors

If you manufacture natural, organic beverages and are looking for international distributors to purchase your products, look no further than Grovara. We are the world’s first B2B global marketplace for U.S. natural and organic brands and are dedicated to bringing the best healthy American-made foods and beverages to the world. About Grovara Philadelphia-based Grovara, founded […]

International Organic and Natural Food Distributors

Are you looking to grow your business by exporting, but your attempts to find international distributors for your natural and organic food and beverage products have met with nothing but headaches? Grovara is making it easier for B2B buyers and brands to do business – from product discovery and sales to order processing, payments, and […]

How To Sell Organic and Natural Products Internationally?

International buyers want the best products for their customers. As consumer demand for healthier products surges around the globe, isn’t it time to learn how to sell your American-made organic and natural products internationally? With Grovara, going global is easy! About Grovara Headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, Grovara was founded in 2010 to provide American wellness […]

Find International Organic Distributors

Untapped potential exists for sales of American-made brands of natural and organic food and beverage products in overseas markets. If you want to find international distributors, Grovara can help you expand your exports into global markets. The old-fashioned and cumbersome way of buying American wellness products involves a broker, who takes orders from overseas buyers […]