International Organic Beverage Distributors

If you manufacture natural, organic beverages and are looking for international distributors to purchase your products, look no further than Grovara. We are the world’s first B2B global marketplace for U.S. natural and organic brands and are dedicated to bringing the best healthy American-made foods and beverages to the world.

About Grovara

Philadelphia-based Grovara, founded in 2010, utilizes data and proprietary technology to help American-made natural and organic product manufacturers and international wholesale buyers connect directly and seamlessly through a B2B e-commerce marketplace platform. From product discovery to order processing and fulfillment, we are reshaping the buying experience, making it easier for buyers and brands to do business.

Grovara has already introduced plant-based milk maker Elmhurst 1925 to Mexico and features other natural, organic beverages from Waiakea Water, GT’s Living Foods, Waterloo Sparkling Water, True Citrus, and many more.

Benefits of Exporting

U.S. companies export more than two trillion dollars in goods and services overseas annually, and many of them are small or medium-sized brands just like you. However, nine out of ten American wellness brands do not export, mainly due to the complexities and risks of international business.

  • More Customers: Globally, there are approximately 7 billion people, and 95% of them live outside the United States.
  • Global Demand: Buyers and consumers around the globe choose American products because of their reputation for quality and value. Your company can take advantage of the strong USA brand to succeed in international markets.
  • More Sales: Exporting your goods could result in substantial sales growth. More customers lead to more sales and increased profits.
  • Less Risk: In the event of a slow-down or disruption in domestic sales, exporting will spread your risk and help protect your business.
  • Higher Profit Margins: Specialty products, like natural and organic food and beverages, often face less competition and sell for higher prices.
  • Public Relations: Exports are a driver of many positive economic indicators—most notably, job growth.

Benefits of Exporting with Grovara

Exporting is hard, but Grovara facilitates global exporting and importing with a lightweight tech-driven platform that provides automation and intelligence-based tools. Here are just a few of the reasons to consider Grovara:

  • Simple Onboarding: Grovara does not charge onboarding fees for brands or buyers.
  • Sales Speed: The Grovara platform can complete a transaction in four clicks from a brand and three from a vetted export partner. Buyers can purchase multiple brands in a single checkout session, easily reorder, and replenish by setting subscriptions based on SKUs and frequency.
  • Simplified Export Documentation: Documentation is streamlined, verified, and authenticated for rapid in-country product registration and customs clearance compliance.
  • One-Stop-Shopping: Interested buyers will explore products that interest them and connect with you directly through the Grovara platform to start conversations, request samples, and fulfill orders.
  • Painless Payments: International payment processing is centralized and painless for American brands.
  • Management Tools: Grovara offers a full suite of tools to help you manage your international B2B commerce. Important notifications and robust order management are available right from your dashboard.

Learn more about Grovara and how to gain access to international distributors for your organic and natural beverage brand by visiting our website. Contact us online to schedule a demo, or call us at (215) 207-0967.