How To Import non-GMO Corn and Other U.S. Grain

Bans on the controversial glyphosate herbicide and GMO corn imports have introduced opportunities for U.S. farmers to supply non-GMO corn and other U.S. grain products. Find out how to import these products to your country from the import-export experts at Grovara. Grovara, headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, was founded in 2010 to provide American organic product […]

USA Organic Food Wholesale

If you are an international retailer or distributor seeking wholesale USA organic food and beverages to import, look no further than Grovara. We have simplified importing and are adding carefully curated brands to our global marketplace every day. Grovara is making it easier for B2B buyers and brands to do business – from product discovery […]

U.S. Organic Food Exporter

Are you an overseas retailer or distributor looking for a U.S. organic food exporter to stock your shelves with American-made Better-For-You natural products that will satisfy your shoppers’ demands? Grovara will help you discover and introduce leading U.S. brands to your market. Importing and exporting are complex, but Grovara facilitates these global processes with a […]

U.S. Companies Looking for Distributors

Grovara represents dozens of U.S. companies that manufacture Better-For-you food and beverage products and are looking for international distributors. We connect these brands and potential buyers to help them succeed in major markets around the globe where demand is on the rise. Philadelphia-based Grovara, founded in 2010, utilizes data and proprietary technology to help American-made […]

Pallet-at-a-Time U.S. Exports

If you are interested in importing natural and organic food and beverages from the U.S. but are unsure about the market opportunities in your country and whether the product you select will succeed, take advantage of pallet-at-a-time exports through Grovara. About Grovara Grovara is the leading B2B global marketplace for American Better-For-You brands. We connect […]

Buy Natural American Food Wholesale Qatar

If you would like to import wholesale natural and organic American food and beverage products for distribution in Qatar, look no further than Grovara. Our team will help you discover and introduce category-leading U.S. brands to your market. About Grovara Grovara, headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, was founded in 2010 to provide American wellness product manufacturers […]

Coronavirus Impact on Global Shipping Too Big to Ignore

While concern around the globe has vacillated between nuisance and panic, the effects of the recent coronavirus outbreak are becoming much clearer — and more serious —  for the global economy. Guidance from supply chain experts indicates Chinese factories won’t resume production for 3-4 weeks, which would have a significant impact on international shipping. Dreary […]

Grovara Pledges to Only Use Carriers Supporting $5 Billion, Industry-Led Effort to Eliminate CO2 Emissions From Global Shipping

It has been two years since the United Nations’ International Maritime Organization (IMO) agreed to a 50% minimum reduction of total greenhouse gases from international shipping, which is responsible for 2% of the planet’s anthropogenic CO2 emissions, a figure expected to rise to 17% by 2050 if unregulated.  It is only recently, however, that concrete measures […]