U.S. Organic Food Exporter

Are you an overseas retailer or distributor looking for a U.S. organic food exporter to stock your shelves with American-made Better-For-You natural products that will satisfy your shoppers’ demands? Grovara will help you discover and introduce leading U.S. brands to your market.

Importing and exporting are complex, but Grovara facilitates these global processes with a lightweight tech-driven platform that provides automation and intelligence-based tools.

About Grovara

Grovara, headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, was founded in 2010 to provide American wellness product manufacturers and international wholesale buyers with a way to connect directly and seamlessly through a B2B e-commerce marketplace platform.

Grovara is not a traditional export broker or distributor. Instead, we have developed an easy-to-use platform that streamlines the entire export/import process from product discovery and order processing to payments and fulfillment, all in a single marketplace.

Our online wholesale marketplace is a virtual trade show, with dozens of available brands and thousands of vetted retailers and distributors connecting daily to conduct business seamlessly and confidently.

For example, the Grovara marketplace features U.S. brands such as Elmhurst 1925, GT’s Kombucha, Honey Stinger, Big Spoon Roasters, True Citrus, Brad’s Plant-Based, Chickapea, Joolies, Lesser Evil, That’s It, and Wholesome Sweeteners.

How Grovara Works

Join the Grovara Marketplace

Grovara does not charge onboarding fee for brands or buyers. Register as a buyer today and gain access to our growing collection of emerging and established American-made natural and organic brands. We have selected them based on measurable growth characteristics and leading trends.

Discover Brands & Products

Browse our marketplace to explore hundreds of category-leading U.S. wellness brands and access category and product-level insights powered by SPINS, the U.S. leading consumer data and analytics provider for the natural and organic product industry.

Connect and Do Business

Connect directly with brands to start conversations, request samples, and place orders. Take advantage of Grovara’s proprietary pallet builder to experience an easy checkout, which reduces your workload by eliminating the headache of figuring out dimensions to build orders. Our end-to-end logistics and fulfillment model provides step-by-step instructions at every stage of your order.

Order Management and Analytics

Grovara offers a full suite of tools for you to manage your global B2B commerce. Important notifications, robust order management, and deep insights and analytics are available right from your dashboard. Our trusted trading partners can also access real-time SPINS analytics, global trend reports, and more.

You’re Invited to the Grovara Marketplace

Grovara is revolutionizing how brands go global. Reach out to us to gain access to U.S. organic food exporters of natural and organic products. You can learn more about our market-leading processes by visiting our website. Contact us online to schedule a demo, or call us at (215) 207-0967.