Importing Natural/Organic Food & Beverage Products From USA to Dubai

The combination of wealth and digital technology has made Dubai one of the most appealing international markets for selling better-for-you products. Oil flowing from processing facilities located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) generates wealth, and the Internet provides residents of Dubai with detailed information concerning the numerous health benefits of consuming organic food and […]

International Natural Food Distributors

During the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic, finding reputable international natural food distributors with a proven record of success became nearly impossible. International trade came to a screeching halt in most countries, as lockdowns and strict restrictions damaged what was once a vibrant economy based on global sales. In the United States, most food and […]

International Importers & Distributors of Food Products

Are you tired of traveling thousands of miles to introduce your brand to international importers and distributors of food products? Between long flights and restless nights on top of uncomfortable beds, traveling overseas can take a lot out of you. Even if you remain in the US to interact with international importers and distributors at […]

Importing Top Organic Brands From United States

How do you start importing top organic brands from the United States? Do you follow the traditional approach of meeting brands from the USA that offer better-for-you products? The traditional way to import products from any country involves interacting with different brokers and attending international trade shows located in cities such as Denver, Atlanta, and […]

Import Non-GMO From USA

As a movement that started in the US but has now gained worldwide momentum, consumer demand for non-GMO foods has forced global buyers of organic food and beverage products to change their business models dramatically. Long gone are the days when selling food and beverage products with an “organic” label is enough to convince consumers […]

How Do I Find a Distributor For My Food Product?

As an organic food brand operating out of the US, one question continues to dominate the conversations at sales meetings: How do I find an international distributor for my food product?  The COVID-19 pandemic was a wake-up call to change the global trade paradigm. Still, advancements in digital technology have represented the most influential factor […]

Import Coffee From USA

South American nations such as Brazil and Colombia are world-renowned for producing some of the finest coffee beans and coffee products. However, a rapidly growing number of global importers have turned to the USA to import coffee. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) applies the strongest standards for labeling organic food and beverage products […]

Exporting Your Food or Beverage Product to Dubai

As one of the ten largest oil producers in the world, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) represents one of the wealthiest countries in the Middle East. The high volume of oil and natural gas production has created vast wealth in Dubai, the largest city in the UE. The income growth for residents has led to […]