How to Manage a Purchase Order In Progress

After completing a Purchase Order through the Grovara Marketplace, the Purchase Order is submitted to the Brand for acceptance. Once a Brand has accepted the Purchase Order, the Grovara Platform guides the Brand and Buyer through the next steps of the Order Management experience.


All orders placed through the Grovara Marketplace, follow the process below.

Once an order has been accepted by the Brand, the Purchase Order will appear in the “Proforma Invoice Created“ section of the “Orders” section of the Dashboard.

1. Select PO #

Select the desired Purchase Order by clicking “Update”

2. Select Fulfiller #

Click “Grovara” or “I’ll Do It” (Self Fulfillment) to select who will pick up the order from the manufacturer warehouse

This leads to 2 potential scenarios for next steps.

Scenario if “Grovara” is selected as Fulfiller #

      1. After Grovara is selected as Fulfiller, review and click “Accept Shipping Cost”
      2. After payment is made, upload the order’s Payment Receipt and click “Payment Sent”
      3. Once an order has arrived at the delivery address, click “View” to complete the desired order
      4. Click “Confirmed Receipt” to close the order

Scenario if “I’ll Do It” (Self Fulfillment) is selected: #

      1. Upload the order’s Payment Receipt and click “Payment Sent”
      2. To close an order, physically review the received order and confirm that it is complete and correct as per agreed upon incoterms
      3. Click “Confirmed Receipt” to close the order


IMPORTANT NOTE: Once an order is closed, there is no way to reopen the order, make changes to the invoice, etc.




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