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Product Specs and Pricing

Document Type: Profile

Also Known As: Product Specs


What does it verify? #

The Product Specs and Pricing document is a Grovara .csv or .xls document generated by the platform from a brand’s pricing sheet and includes the following information: SKU, Item UPC, Case UPC, Pop Box UPC, Name, Unit Price (USD), Case Price (USD), Quantity per Case, Size, Size UOM, Inner Pack, Quantity of Units Per Inner Pack, Total Units Per Master Case, Unit Length, Unit Width, Unit Height, Unit Dimensions UOM, Unit Weight, Unit Weight UOM, Unit Package Type, Case Length, Case Width, Case Height, Case Dimensions UOM, Case Weight, Case Weight UOM, Case Cubic Meter, Pallet TI, Case Package Type, Pallet HI, Pallet Weight, Pallet Weight UOM, Pallet Height, Pallet Dimensions UOM, Pallet Cubic Meter, Container 20, Container 40, Shelf Life, Shelf Life Pickup, Storage Requirement, HTS, Temperature Min, Temperature Max, Temperature UOM, Country of Origin, and Best Seller.


What is its purpose? #

It makes relevant product information directly available to buyers via a Brand’s Marketplace profile page.


Example #

Example Product Specs and Pricing