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Grovara Marketplace Order Statuses

The Grovara Marketplace guides Buyers and Brands through the purchase process in six easy-to-follow steps. Each step is a new status, triggered by different activities and requiring different responses. See what each of the statuses are, what they signify and what action needs to be taken to move the purchase order into the next step, in the list below.


To browse products on the marketplace, follow the steps below.

1. Purchase Order Created #

When a Buyer checks-out an order on the Grovara Marketplace, the Grovara Marketplace creates a purchase order. The Brand receives a notification that an order has been placed for their product and can then “Accept” the order or make any needed changes, after which the purchase order moves into the “Proforma Invoice Created” status.

2. Proforma Invoice Created #

After a Brand accepts an order, a notification is sent to the Grovara Representative and to the Buyer. The Buyer selects their shipping method or can coordinate with a Grovara Representative to manage shipping. If Grovara is managing the shipping, a shipping quote and INCOTERMS are agreed upon. When the Buyer accepts the shipping arrangements, the status of the purchase order changes to “Commercial Invoice Created.”

3. Commercial Invoice Created #

The Buyer confirms that the wire payment has been sent or the terms are agreed to, which changes the purchase order status to “Fulfillment.”

4. Fulfillment #

While in “Fulfillment,” the items in the purchase order are being manufactured (if necessary) and the order is assembled at the Brand warehouse. The purchase order is picked up from the Brand’s warehouse, which changes the status to “In-Transit.”

5. In-Transit #

The status of the purchase order remains “In-Transit” until the Buyer confirms they have received the order, which changes the purchase order status to “Order Received/Complete.”

6. Order Received/Complete #

The purchase order remains associated with both the Brand’s and Buyer’s account and is available for viewing on their account dashboard. Buyers are able to place reorders and subscription orders from this screen.




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